JERSEY SHORE The Keto Guido vs vodka – Did Vinny cheat on his girl?

Thursday night’s Jersey Shore episodes follows Vinny Guadagnino’s struggles against a bottle of vodka while a night out with the crew. Since he’s following a strict Keto diet, he’s having trouble handling his liquor. This not only leads to a killer hangover, but to forgetting he has a girlfriend while at the club.

Vinny, who says he and Pauly had to drink The Situation’s share of vodka since he’s sober now, got chummy with a couple of the bottle girls and even recorded their phone numbers in the cast’s iTouch (they can’t carry regular cellphones, but are allowed an iTouch.)

The morning after Vinny calls girlfriend, Instagram model Elicea Shyann, to confess that he got girls’ numbers. Oddly enough, Vinny tries to convince her that it wasn’t that bad because he got two girls’ numbers instead of one.

“What kind of guido math is that?” DJ Pauly D asks. Vinny explains that he feels like it would be worse to spend a lot of quality time with one girl instead of flirting with multiple women.

Even though Vinny has said that he never used the “Smush Room” in the house, his relationship with Elicea did not survive the stress filming the show put on it. Vinny is currently single.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor

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