Is Blake Lively pregnant with her first child?

If you’re a female celebrity and you go outside in a sweater in July, don’t be surprised if everyone thinks you’re pregnant. Blake Lively is the latest female celeb to have her womb monitored, and despite wearing drapey sweaters in July and having eyewitnesses in NYC glaring at the thin actress’s abdomen and hallucinating a baby bump, she is not expecting a baby with her husband Ryan Reynolds.

Someone who attended the July 9 premiere of the animated film Turbo told OK Magazine “She was rocking a little paunch — maybe the tiniest of baby bumps.” The photo above is Blake at the Turbo premiere wearing a gorgeous Burberry Prorsum number. She’s rocking a belly most girls would dream of, so if that looks like a “baby bump” we should just all give up right now.

Blake’s rep denies the OK Magazine story, saying “The story is 100 percent false. Blake is not pregnant.”

Besides the baggy sweater, and the Turbo premiere wild speculation, the magazine cites Blake’s abstinence from alcohol as a reason why she’s probably expecting, but a source told E News that the Blake has never been much of a drinker. A girl should be able to pass on a cocktail without everyone worrying about what’s inside her uterus. Am I right ladies?

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