Great-Grandfather Mick Jagger?! Rolling Stones singer’s granddaughter is expecting first baby

Great-Grandfather Mick Jagger

Most of us are lucky if we get to know our great-grandparents. The first great-grandchild of Mick Jagger will likely not only know the Rolling Stones singer, but will also get to watch great-grandpa perform sold-out concerts.

The Daily Mail reports Mick’s granddaughter Assisi Jackson is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend.

“Mick is delighted and has no qualms about being a great-grandfather,” a source revealed. “He’s been joking about becoming a great, great, granddad and still performing!”

21-year-old Assisi is the oldest daughter of 42-year-old Jade Jagger. Now 70 years old, Mick had Jade with his ex-wife Bianca when he was 28. That makes an average of 23.33 years between each generation.

Assisi Jagger Jackson Pregnant

^Assisi Jackson and Jade Jagger in 2011.

If that trend continues, Mick could be a great-great-grandfather if he hangs on until 93!

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