Dog abandoned at train station with suitcase full of his belongings


A 2-3 year-old Sharpei was left at a Scotland railway station tied up and sitting next to his own luggage. The canine’s suitcase was filled with his own stuff including a toy, pillow, food bowl, and food.

The dog had a microchip which led police to find out his name, Kai, and the people who sold Kai to his previous owners in 2013. Unfortunately, the people who sold Kai did not have his last owner’s contact information. Scotland has a law barring people found guilty of abandoning a dog from ever owning one again.

Right now Kai is under the care of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA,) while they find him a new home. The organization is also using this story to highlight the fact that many people buy dogs on impulse without fully realizing the responsibility dog ownership entails. The SPCA reports that Kai seems easy to please, and knows how to “shake hands.” He’s exhibiting no signs of abuse.

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