David Eason’s sister Jessica continues feud with Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Jessica Eason Jenelle Evans Twitter feud

Just when it seemed like the social media feud between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and her future sister-in-law Jessica Eason had died down, it re-erupted BIG TIME earlier today as the young ladies switched social media venues from Facebook to Twitter.

In case you missed it, Mt. St. Eason initially erupted last week after David Eason’s sister Jessica visited with his ex Olivia and his son Kaden. There was a no contact order in place between David and Kaden, but he will soon be able to have visitation with his son again. Jessica says that she is still good friends with Olivia, and explains that Olivia wants the visitation to be at Jessica’s house, so their meeting was a preliminary one to help get Kaden adjusted to the new arrangement.

After seeing the photo of Jessica and Olivia together on Instagram, along with the caption explaining that Kaden was there as well, Jenelle sent Jessica a couple of angry text messages. According to screen caps posted today, here is a sample of those messages from Jenelle to Jessica:

Why would u meet up with Olivia and kaden and not even tell David ?

That’s the sh!ttiest thing you can do to him as a sister and not even inform…

That’s all it took for an official Facebook Thunderdome to be declared with Jessica and Jenelle viciously attacking each other with accusations of drug use and more — including the now infamous use of the term “Mud Duck.”

Fast forward a few days and the ladies transitioned from Facebook Thunderdome to Twitter Thunderdome as their verbal weapons of choice diminished to 140 characters or less. Actually, Jenelle started the battle on her personal Twitter account, but soon transistioned to the Jenelle PR Twitter account, which is pretty clearly still Jenelle. (A tweet by Jenelle accusing Jessica of crashing into a school bus while high on Xanax was deleted from her account before then reappearing on the PR account and beginning a new series of tweets that includes screen capped text messages and information only Jenelle would be privy to.)

OK, enough with the set up — my apologies to the seasoned Hatters who needed no “Previously On…” intro.

Prior to changing the battlefield to Twitter, Jessica made this post on Facebook:

I’ve gotta leave with one last note since my BLOOD BROTHER and his tomfoolery gf are acting up over me seeing my nephew and it made Jenelle jealous: Whitney Johnson is David’s ex wife.. She is my 2nd BFF, she loves me and I love her. Olivia Leedham David ex is also my friend. I could keep naming but ill stop. When someone has hurt u but they have a change of heart and they act like they have some sense, u can forgive and love them. I’ve never had this type of beef w his women so what’s wrong w this puzzle? Never had beef w jamies women either! Amanda Diaz! I love u too booboo

Jenelle Evans Jessica Eason Cerebral Palsy quote

JESSICA (in response to Jenelle’s post above): That comment alone is gonna cost her dearly.. dearly! How dare she say that about me and my innocent son.. She is a BIG fat liar and a FAKE It shows her evil character. . or lack there of! Ive always been respectful to this girl. She really showed her true self

TWEETER: Does your brother know she said that? This made me sick

JESSICA: She doesnt show him anything she says. She played and is still playing the victum right now.

TWEETER: I assumed he didn’t know..I can’t imagine him knowing she said that & at least not make her delete it. So

JESSICA: Love will make u blind to a lot of things..

JESSICA: @PBandJenelley_1 u know i will see u again right? U better bring a flat full of mason jars with u where ever u go!

JESSICA: Dude!One more effin word to p!ss me off @PBandJenelley_1 & i PROMISE U i will tell every tiny detail of ur pathetic fake world

TWEETER: Why wait?

TWEETER: Right! Why wait for one more thing, when a lot has already been put out there publicly

JESSICA: Bc I really dont want to hurt my brother more than im sure he is right now, probably dealing w her ripping her hair out and sobbin

TWEETER: have you witnessed her pulling her hair out?

JESSICA: She told me

Jessica Eason tweet about Jenelle Evans Angry Birds

TWEETER: This has been like Christmas come 7 months early! Lol! I sat back n waited 4 a minute, to make sure it was all Real! & it was! ?

TWEETER: And it just keeps coming! I hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon and that April chimes in a lot more than just that 1 post!

TWEETER: I know ! I really hope Ape [David and Jessica’s sister April] is sitting back and is just sharpening her Claws! Waiting 2 lay the best Info about #JaSmell yet!

JESSICA: Xactly what shes doing

This little girl came into our home at the drop of a hat the same week I gave birth to my sweet Ensley. She was having a rough time at home and I had to step in as mom right away for her. Ever since then our bond has been growing very fast lately and I've been loving it. She has given our family the spark and sass we were missing. She is such a good girl in school and out. Always helping out with all the kids. I'm so happy to read this and it brings me to tears knowing that you have opened up to me. At first you put up a wall but now we are like mac n cheese together. I love spending time with you and cracking jokes on your dad with me, lol. You're welcome for everything. You deserve it along with the other kids. Love ya girl. ?? #HappyMothersDay #Thoughtful #FamilyMatters

A post shared by Jenelle Evans (@j_evans1219) on

TWEETER (in reference to Jenelle’s Instagram photos above): Omg! Why did she do that to Maryssa? Jess did you see the letter that Maryssa supposedly wrote to JE for Mothers Day?

JESSICA: I can find out if she wrote it.. I’ll ask her Mama.. whom i love.. unlike… nevermmd

TWEETER: Is she jealous of Maryssa? I can totally see her being jealous

JESSICA: We do believe she is

Jenelle Evans Jessica Eason tweet about Xanax school bus crash

JESSICA: I usually like to do that on mondays and tuesdays.. Just eat xanax and look for buses.. My turn.. #staytuned

TWEETER (after Jenelle deleted the tweet above and then said essentially the same thing on her PR account — included at the bottom of this post): Just an FYI…”Jenelle” through her “PR” account was talking mad sh!t about your family. I have screen shots if you want them.

JESSICA: I dont think i can stomach anymore..

TWEETER: JE said jess crashed into a ? of kids while high on xanax ? (bullsh!t probably)

JESSICA: Ive heard more lies and made up stories in the past wk from her to last me the rest of my life..

JESSICA: I cant say anything about Ensley because she is a sweet innocent baby and im not gonna talk about her lil baby head. I love and miss her

JESSICA: I really want this all to stop seriously. I just want things to be back like they were before she hoarded my baby brother from us all

TWEETER: Then he never should have knocked her up

JESSICA: Yeah i couldnt stop that

TWEETER: Do you think she got pregnant on purpose? It didn’t come across like that on the show …

JESSICA: I dont think so but im not sure

JESSICA: I wouldnt even be saying this garbage if she would take an effin seat and stfu

JESSICA: Im gonna leave that here and give her a chance to shut up..

TWEETER: Quick question for you, how long has your brother been unemployed? Did he quit working after the 1st night?

JESSICA: Did i ask u to speak to me b!tch?

JESSICA: Did u get that effin ugly over night?

TWEETER: No more than you did, miss piggy ?

TWEETER: It’s cool if y’all ask UBTs sister all sorts of questions, but let’s not forget she’s trash as well & UBT isn’t an innocent bystander

JESSICA: Theres enough dirt right there ^ ?

TWEETER: She’s just making herself look even worse (if that’s possible). I hope [Jessica] shows Whitney what JaSmelly is saying about her…

JESSICA: Im going to

Jenelle Evans Jessica Eason tweets

JESSICA: Im stopping this on my end.. It is making me sick.. I dont wanna bash my bro or his woman bc i know its hurting him. Im stopping for him

JESSICA: Well i have my children.. All of them.. To take care of and im not giving that skank anymore of my valuable time!

JESSICA: Thanks guys.. Ill come back later

TWEETER: Aka: I’m stopping because I’m getting called out about the gummy tweet and not reporting it ???✌️✌️✌️

JESSICA: No u stupid tw@t its exactly what i said. Can u read?

[Jessica tweeted and deleted about someone accidentally eating a weed gummy, but I wasn’t sure who she was referring to or how it fit in the timeline so I left it out. Here is her tweet: “When we helped them move..(Because she had almost all the kids and she of course cant handle them)Who accidentally ate ur weed gummy bears?”]

TWEETER: Hey [Jessica], did all this drama really start by the fact that you met with Olivia? Or was there stuff already brewing? Didn’t JE

JESSICA: Thats it. She just went nuts as soon as she saw the pics

TWEETER: But didn’t she claim your brother & Olivia had agreed on visitation? Btw, welcome to our weird little group. I’ve talked a lot of sh!t

JESSICA: Well i dont judge people like you until ive sampled them myself.. But i see now

TWEETER: That’s crazy. I think that if or when your brother gets to see Kaden, Olivia should probably stipulate that JE is not allowed at the Visitation. She’s f*cken insane.

JESSICA: Yeah we dont want her here. She didnt even invite my sister or myself to our own nieces babyshower. We dont wanna go to the wedding

JESSICA: Wedding.. AKA assassination!

TWEETER: *unpopular and awkward question* BUT, what do you think of Jenelle saying David has a small d!ck?

JESSICA: Ok last question lmao..jk.. 1st Barf.. 2nd Davids exes all say he is “the best” ok yucky thats enuff.. My brother eww

[OK, here is where we make the transition to the @JenelleEvansPR account and interactions. There are two different threads sparked by Jessica’s claim that Jenelle used Maryssa’s toothbrush to clean her toilet, so I have included those tweets twice.]

JESSICA: What happened when u scrubbed the toilet with maryssas toothbrush? U never even clean your damn toilet so wtf. U knew it was hers!

JESSICA: Thats when u were almost kicked to the curb! David left your ass that day and he shouldnt have went back!

JENELLE EVANS PR: Let’s talk about the time you crashed into the school bus f**ked up off xanax. Or how your husband brags how he has the best crack around

[See Jessica’s responses to the Xanax bus crash above along with Jenelle’s similar tweet about it on her personal account]

TWEETER: Sooooo, basically she just re confirmed that she’s running the JE PR page? ?? @JenelleEvansPR ??‍♀️

JE PR: Jenelle doesn’t want drama on her timeline… lol what does it matter if she runs the page or not ?

JE PR: You said the same story to Jenelle about Olivia lmfao ??? which chick is it ?

JE PR: “Olivia came running to me begging for me to convince her to talk to my brother to take her back. He told me he was done!” ?

* * * * * *

JESSICA: What happened when u scrubbed the toilet with maryssas toothbrush? U never even clean your damn toilet so wtf. U knew it was hers!

JESSICA: Thats when u were almost kicked to the curb! David left your ass that day and he shouldnt have went back!

JE PR: You mean when Jenelle left the toothbrush next to the sink and Maryssa told her mom it was in the toilet ? Lol must be talking to Whitney

TWEETER: I thought Jenelle and Maryssa are like “mac and cheese”??? Why on earth would she tell her mom that?

JE PR: They are. This was months ago when her own mother was convincing Maryssa to lie about things cuz she as scared she would lose Maryssa

JE PR: She lost Maryssa anyways and now teaming up with Davids sister cuz they both are on drugs

TWEETER: The explanation of the story still makes no sense. You would have been better off just denying it if you wanted it to be believable.

JE PR: Yeah there’s a long story behind Maryssa’s custody battle that Jessica wouldn’t know anything about because they don’t talk to her

TWEETER: The sister flat out said she’s friends with Maryssa’s mom, and she’s also Maryssa’s aunt. She sees and talks to both of them.

JE PR: She hasn’t visited Maryssa or talked to Whitney in months. Jessica is just starting sh!t. Jessica locks herself up at home on drugs.

JE PR: Jessica basically lives off of 4 baby daddies, has 5 kids, and fought 7 months pregnant and her child now has cerebral palsy

TWEETER: This is sick, even for for you Jenelle. Learn where to draw a line.

JE PR: This is facts. All of you are sick going on and on about Jenelle 24/7. Nothing was said that was mean or out of the way just as Jessica says

TWEETER: Hi jenelle ?! Um. Didn’t Dave choke a b!tch? Yeah thought so. Thanks bye!

JE PR: Why don’t you ask his sister since she knows so much?!

TWEETER: If Jessica & Whitney havent talked for months why were they interacting together on Facebook last weekend?

JE PR: Whitney has been missing for months and not even her own family knows where she is half the time. Yeah they talk… when Whitney wants to

TWEETER: Omg write your lies down..YOU JUST SAID Whitney has Maryssa on the weekends..

JE PR: Maryssa mom has been missing for weeks at a time before.. which lead david to get emergency custody of his daughter immediately

Jenelle Evans Jessica Eason text messages

JESSICA: Im such a b!tch right? As u can see there ^^ i was very nice and respectful. She started this war. Jealousy and hate take a lotta energy!

TWEETER: Based off your text message you didn’t even have a dog in the fight Jenelle. That’s David’s battle with his sister, not yours.

JESSICA: ? Thank ? you ?

JESSICA: Did i say something wrong or mean in that text? No i was nice as usual.. She is not normal

JESSICA: Maybe if david was aloud to speak to us i could have told him..

TWEETER: Ok but the screenshot doesn’t really say anything meaningful. Why did she post it?

JESSICA: Because she hasnt seen the wonderful wizard of oz yet… #ah #bwain

JESSICA: She really makes absolutely no sense

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