Dance Moms reunion shocker: Is Abby Lee Miller leaving the show…and her team?

Dance Moms cast at Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards 2015

Dance Moms reunions are always full of explosive drama and bombshells, and tonight’s Season Five reunion show was no exception! Abby Lee Miller’s comments only added fuel to the rumors that she is considering leaving the show…and may not be back to lead her junior elite team to victory.

In the hour-long reunion, Jeff Collins, host of the reunion and producer of the show, brought up Abby’s new L.A. studio. He then asked, “Can we assume that you’re going to be here all summer?”

Abby responded that she would be traveling to Panama, Ireland, Dubai, and other locations around the world. Then, cast member Jessalynn Siwa–mom of dancer JoJo–asked Abby, “Who’s running [your two studios] while you’re thousands of miles away?”

“I think that when the show first started,” Abby said, “I was planning on retiring, and that didn’t happen. Doing this junior elite team happened. And we’ve done it. We’ve had an amazing run, and you know, they’re turning into teens, so that’s where this journey ends for me and a new journey begins.”

Is Abby Lee Miller leaving Dance Moms?

After fielding questions from Jeff and the moms, Abby continued, “I think this has been a great run, and I don’t like what happened at the competition. Maybe like friends, you go out when you’re on the top.”

Of the girls, she said “I’m not done with them. I just think that I’ve learned a lot. I hope the children have learned a lot, and I would like to take everything I’ve learned and go on to do something bigger and better.”

The responses left the moms on stage (to say nothing of the audience!) shocked and confused about the future of Dance Moms. As previously announced, there will be a new season. However, there have been problems between Abby and Lifetime Network in regards to payment, and the show is seeking at least one new cast member.

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In happier news: Before Abby left everyone wondering about the future of the show and the team, cast member Kira Girard, Kilani Hilliker’s mom, was surprised with a proposal from her boyfriend. The couple is expecting a baby this fall! Fans of the show who follow Kira on Instagram may have already seen the stunning engagement ring photo she couldn’t resist posting 10 weeks ago:

It looks like Dance Moms fans will just have to wait until season six to find out whether the junior elite team will still be dancing together; whether Abby will still be the star of the show; and what drama the new cast members will bring to the table.

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