CUTE: Ryan Gosling, age 12

This adorable video surfaced of a 12-year-old Ryan Gosling interview with “Canada AM” about his new role as Canada’s first Mouseketeer.

He’s wearing an awesome denim shirt and tie ensemble, and still has his Canadian accent (who knew Ryan was Canadian?)

Ryan’s had massive success, and is earning his stripes as a well respected actor in Hollywood with films like Drive, and the upcoming Gangster Squad, but back in the day his classmates made fun of Ryan, calling him “Mouse Boy,” (who’s laughing now?)

In the interview Ryan says he and his mom went crazy when they found out he had the gig, and he was especially grateful that the Disney people basically did all his chores for him.

“The people at Disney are so nice, like we just came from our houses where we had to do our own stuff and they did so much stuff for us.”