Chad Ochocinco claims he and Evelyn Lozada live together

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco

According to Chad, he and his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada are back together. As you might recall, Chad and Evelyn got married back in July but just 41 days later, Evelyn filed for divorce from Chad after he allegedly head-butted her after a heated argument. Now that several months have passed, it looks like they’ve both put the past behind them and are ready to move forward and back in together.

When one fan asked Chad, “Are you and Evelyn talking again?” he replied, “We live together, no choice but to talk.” He also told another fan who wanted to crash at his pad while in town that he’d have to “ask @EvelynLozada if you can have the west wing.”

While Chad may be confirming that they are once again under the same roof, Evelyn is not. A source close to her tells Rumorfix, “He is joking. They do not live together and I have no idea why he would post something like that.” They may not live together, but they are speaking. They even exchanged some cute tweets about mistletoe during the holiday.

Last night, Evelyn spoke out in support of another woman who recently went back to her abuser. Evelyn tweeted a photo of Rihanna and Chris Brown at the Lakers game along with the caption, “I love these 2 @Rihanna @ChrisBrown LIVE UR LIFE!!! F EVERYONE! ✌” When one fan claimed she only loved them because she and Rihanna both want to be with the men who abused them, she denied it and said, “You shouldn’t live your life based off of what the WORLD thinks! Fuc* the world and do you!”

The similarities in her and Rihanna’s story definitely got her photo post lots of attention. Many fans were in an uproar that she was standing for what seemed to be the lack of consequences for domestic abuse. After one fan claimed they were her “role models,” Evelyn wrote, “No one is my ‘role model’ I live my life for me! People make mistakes and sh*t happens. Quit judging people and get sum business!”

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