Britney Spears Releases Untouched Photos

We all know Photoshop is magic. But it’s hard to see how much magic it is until you see just how far retouching can go. Britney Spears has just released untouched photos from her upcoming Candie’s ad campaign. The Daily Mail posted the airbrushed and untouched photos side by side for a comparison. It’s striking to see how much they take off the already thin Spears.

On the chopping block: inches from Spear’s waist, and thighs and some dark spots from her legs.


The view from the back suffered a similar fate: gone was Spear’s cellulite (hate to break it to you dudes, ALL women have cellulite even skinny ones) and inches from her butt, and her tramp stamp! Have you no shame, Candie’s! You just don’t Photoshop off a sacred tramp stamp!

The Daily Mail reports that Spears “loves” her body, “imperfections and all.” That I do believe, since Britney has never stopped wearing revealing clothing, even when she was pregnant and in her heavier days of eating nothing but Frappucinos and Taco Bell.

This might be a new trend for actresses: Jessica Simpson, who’s also been through major media scrutiny about her looks, was just featured in Marie Claire sans makeup. Should we look forward to every actress revealing what she actually looks like, before the Photoshop?

Images: Fame Pictures, The Daily Mail