VIDEO Twilight Saga New Moon Trailer From Bandslam! In English!

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart from the latest New Moon trailer

Here’s the latest Twilight Saga New Moon trailer hot off the presses!

UPDATE – Well crap! Apparently they are cracking down on these so I’m going into “refresh” mode and I’ll try to track down new ones before the old ones are deleted 🙂 Hmmmm, maybe I’ll try to maintain two working versions at a time to guarantee viewer satisfaction!

UPDATE 2 – WOW! They are doing the SERIOUS crackdown! They’re deleting these as soon as I post them. They must really want people to go see Bandslam! I’ll keep trying…

In case the audio on some of these “less than professional” clips is a little muddy, I found this transcription online:

Jacob: “Have you ever had a secret you couldn’t tell anyone?”
Taylor: “New Moon is a lot more complicated than Twilight was.”
Edward: “This is the last time you’ll ever see me.”
Taylor: “Bella is in such a deep depression when Edward leaves and Jacob is the friend who will always be there for her.”
Jacob: “I know what he did to you. Bella, I won’t ever hurt you, I promise.”
Bella “You’re sort of beautiful.”
Taylor: “Jacob has changed in many different ways. The physicality, he’s a lot bigger, he’s 30 pounds bigger.”
Bella: “Be careful that things actually really heavy so…”
Taylor: “And time goes on and the heat starts building. New Moon is gonna be steped up a whole other notch”
Jacob: “Hit the break.”
Taylor: “There’s more action in this one, especially with the wearwolfs involved.”
Bella: “What did you do to him?”
Sam : “easy”
Paul: *Growls*
Taylor: “I think the fans are really gonna be happy. New Moon is exciting, it’s always pushig to the next level.
Jacob: “Bella!”
Bella: “Jake, run!”
Jacob: “Don’t get me upset.”

I’m happy because the trailer features my absolute favorite Twilight hottie…
Old Red Pickup! That backside is lookin’ gooooood!
Gotta love all that junk in the trunk!

New Moon trailer featuring superhottie old red pickup

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