Botched: Transgender former escort Shauna Brooks tries to fix lopsided cheek injections

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Transgender model and former international escort Shauna Brooks, who’s been associated in the headlines with celebs like Nick Lachey and Chris Brown, is back in the spotlight seeking some help with her cheeked from Botched docs.

“When I was 14 years old, I started black market hormone therapy,” she explains in her episode airing tonight. “In the black urban community, the transgenders get silicone pumped in their cheeks, in their breasts, in their ass.”

Dr. Nassif’s concern sensors were automatically set off by this information. “Injecting anything permanent into any part of your body is a bad thing,” he explains. “Injecting silicone destroys the underlying tissues by causing a severe inflammatory response and becomes a chronic problem.”

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Later Shauna decided she wanted facial feminization surgery, but American doctors refused to operate on her when they heard she had silicone in her face. Instead of being deterred, she turned to Thailand where she underwent surgery that sawed into the bone of her face. The results of this surgery left her dissatisfied, however. “As the year went on, this right cheek just would not stop [growin],” she reveals. “It think it’s too big. When I smile, I think it’s just too big.”

“Constant injection and modification of her cheeks with silicone, it’s dangerous,” Dr. Nassif replied in the preview clip, so it’s unclear if he decided to go through with corrective surgery. Honestly, it’s be bit difficult to see any obvious difference in size between Shauna’s cheekbones.

Last year Shauna spoke with GaloreMag about the highs and lows of her former life as an international escort. “It is a glamorous lifestyle, but its also a stressful one,” she revealed. “You don’t know when your next income is coming, it’s very inconsistent. You have to deal with egos, especially with men who come from good pedigrees who look at you like you’re not shit. But I could put the mirror on them and say you have all of this greatness going on in you career and at home with your wife and three kids and your dog and your parrot and your goldfish, but you’re here with me. So, to me it’s like, why?”

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