Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be a daddy

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They might have gone old-school for their marriage announcement, but Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter announced their pregnancy as new school as possible. The couple, who self-described as “over the moon” about the news, made it public to the British tabloids, which promptly disseminated the story for the whole wide world to enjoy.

The couple are said to be getting married sometime in the spring, though no plans have been announced and no date is set.

The early award for best internet reaction goes to whoever first said “Looks like Sophie’s got a little Cumberbun in the oven!” That particular phrase has exploded all across the Tumblr-verse, so, if you want to take credit for it, you’d better get in a long line.

And, as the Daily Mail reports, the internet is now also full of disappointed Cumbertb*tches who are sad about the pregnancy announcement only because the Cumberbaby will not be their own. It would appear that Benny really is off the market–sorry, everyone who wished Sophie ill when the couple published their marriage banns in the newspaper.

In somewhat related news, Cumberbatch returned to the set of Sherlock just a day after the announcement, to film an upcoming special.

(Photo credit: WENN)

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