Ariel Winter bikini photo, workout spandex set Internet abuzz

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An Ariel Winter bikini photo is not an especially new thing–but, judging by the flurry of comments Winter received after sharing a recent swimsuit shot, the bizarre controversy that follows each image is unlikely to abate anytime soon. Winter received criticism and praise in equal measure after recently sharing a pair of short videos on Instagram: the first, which you’ll find below, is of Ariel Winter in a bikini, asking her fans whether it’s spring break-worthy:

For #springbreak or nah?

A video posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on

At first glance, some of the comments might not seem especially demeaning or disrespectful. “How about nothing at all,” suggested user jameskharrison. “I wanna see you nude,” declared daletraderjack. “Imagine if she didn’t get the reduction??,” commented g._gonzalez. And many of the comments made reference to Winter’s recent breast reduction surgery, with the implication that she would “look even better” if she hadn’t had the procedure done.

It was a similar reaction in the comments section of the second post. That video, shared a few days earlier, features Ariel Winter at the gym, working out in spandex shorts:

#tbt to when you can’t see @gunnarfitness on a Monday…? #justworkinonmyfitness PC: @laurent_claude_gaudette A video posted by Ariel Winter (@arielwinter) on

“Trying to get the ?? to match the ??,” declared arturmadrosian. “Cant stop reloading the video,” offered thedudewholovescars. Said johnnypina88, “JUST WISHING THAT YOU WERE JUST SITTING ON MY 8 ” ROCK HARD C*CK.” Shortly thereafter, lenozi wrote, “Good luck among these black guys … ?.”

Winter has not offered an official response to any of the individual comments to her social media updates, though it is worth poining out that she shared the following on Twitter the day after the gym video:

In addition, it’s worth a mention that Winter has received widespread acclaim for battling social media haters and slut shamers in the past. She shared an uplifting message on Instagram last autumn after another Ariel Winter bikini photo, this time with her younger nieces, brought criticism from many who felt she should have covered up in front of the girls.

And, earlier this year, Winter pointed out a double standard in the reception Kim Kardashian received from her now-infamous nude selfie. “No one was body shaming Justin Bieber when he posted his nude guitar photo,” Winter wrote on Twitter, “so why Kim Kardashian? I think everyone, men and women, should have the right to choose what they do with their bodies–and not be criticized.”


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(Photo credits: Ariel Winter bikini photo via Instagram)

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