VIDEO Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier goes pee pee in airport terminal

Bronson Pelletier pee pee

Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier has been caught (censored) handed, urinating right in the middle of LAX.

A video has leaked of the leaking which at first shows Bronson being approached by an airport employee. Pelletier reacts by stumbling around for a few and then whipping out his Team Drunkard and going number one right in the middle of the terminal for all the unfortunate flyers to see.

Here’s the pixellated yet still incredibly embarrassing footage of “Jared” letting loose:

Other than the wasted mess that is Pelletier, the most amazing thing about that clip is the unflappable patience of the airport employee in the red jacket. Whatever dude gets paid, it wasn’t enough on that fateful day.

Bronson originally denied that the peevent ever took place and from his inebriated state I could genuinely believe that he doesn’t remember it at all.

Facing irrefutable proof of the golden stream, Pelletier’s reps have stated that he is entering a treatment facility in the near future.

Image: Digital Creations / | TMZ