Alabama’s Panhellenic Rush Week video

Being a southern male I had different ideas when I heard that a Rush Week video featuring the fine ladies of Alabama’s Panhellenic Association that represents various sororities on campus was going viral.

What you will not see in the following video is drinking, lingerie, Revenge of the Nerds style hidden cameras, wardrobe malfunctions or even a good old-fashioned keg stand. What you will see is a recruitment rap video put together by the steel magnolias that features a Rebecca Black ‘Friday” breakdown.

Future female leaders of the great state of Alabama hit it!

There’s already a Nick Saban statue!?! Dude did win a National Championship so there you go. And that girl who leads off the “Friday” – “Rush Week” breakdown made us all appreciate Rebecca Black’s skills.

The Association has deleted their version of the clip actually, there was a version that was linked to by the group’s Facebook page but it’s gone. One commenter had replied, “That video is so gangster.” A representative for the University of Alabama told The Huffington Post that it was simply a recruiting Rush Week video and that they do not know who posted or deleted it.

I wonder what the U of A is so scared of about this clip?