Adrienne Maloof’s chef Bernie Guzman attacks Kyle Richards, defends Lisa Vanderpump

Adrienne Maloof's chef Bernie Guzman

Adrienne Maloof’s chef Bernie Guzman has never been one to shy away from drama — and now he is cooking up a little drama by sharing his opinion on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion and defending… Lisa Vanderpump?!

Bernie has stuck his nose into the ladies’ business many times, on issues both silly and serious — from talking poorly about Lisa Vanderpump to accusing Paul Nassif of physically assaulting ex-wife Adrienne Maloof. Bernie published several pictures of Adrienne’s bruises on his Facebook page, alleging that they were the result of Paul pushing her to the ground. Paul vehemently denied these allegations and is reportedly suing Bernie for unspecified damages.

Now, Bernie is weighing in on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion and the state of Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump’s relationship. Lisa, who has been saying all season that she felt hurt by Kyle because she never stands up for her and seems to back up everyone but her, said that she felt her relationship with Kyle changed after Mauricio had secured Lisa’s house listing. She also accused Kyle of befriending Adrienne so that Mauricio could sell her house. Kyle was offended by these assertions, and strongly denies them.

Bernie Guzman backstabbing Facebook photo

Bernie took to Facebook, which appears to be his favorite medium for addressing issues, to discuss Lisa’s comments about Kyle. He shared the photo above of someone being stabbed in the back, which I guess we are all supposed to assume is Adrienne being betrayed by the other ladies. Which she could have prevented had she been there, but I digress.

Under the photo he wrote a lengthy post in which he shockingly came out completely on Lisa’s side, seemingly backing up all of her claims! “I find I must be fair and agree with LISA VANDERPUMP on the Kyle Richards SCANDLE {sic}.” He then outlined all the problems he had with Kyle:

On Lisa’s accusation that Kyle only went against her after Mauricio had safely secured Lisa’s house listing:

Kyle Richards only “played” friends with LISA to get the HOUSE LISTING.

Then disappeared and sided with ADRIENNE to get Adrienne’s listing.

Then after getting the listing, “Switched Faces” and said she was never close to ADRIENNE.

Kyle Richards Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

On Kyle’s statement that she was never close to Adrienne:

Kyle Richards totally stabbed Lisa Vanderpump in the back and in conversation.

I know…I am in the kitchen and I answer the mainline phone 80% of the time.

(As seen in previous episodes)

KYLE claims she was not close to ADRIENNE last season, but she called Adrienne at least 4 X A WEEK.


KYLE Richards has no loyalties and only out for her.

On Kyle and Kim’s infamous limo fight in the season one finale:

KYLE Richards is a heartless female, crucifying Kim in the limo about her substance abuse and stealing Kim’s house for the whole world to witness.

So KYLE Richards can feel better by acting like the victim?

On Kyle spending time with her youngest daughter, Portia:

Kyle parades her daughter PORTIA around on TV for every Kidnapper & Pedophile to salivate.

This is your child, not your prized gerbil

'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star Adrienne Maloof with Chef Bernie Guzman

On Kyle not paying him for the season two dinner party she hired him to cater:

I worked for KYLE RICHARDS once and she never paid me.

On Kyle’s new store, Kyle by Alene Too:

Everyone in BEVERLY HILLS KNOWS, it is always empty…….. ask the crickets.

Why go there when you already have a “LANE BRYANT” Down the street.…

And finally, the ultimate burn:

Lisa reunion

Considering all the mean things he has accused Lisa of in the past (insulting his cooking, saying racist things, etc.), this is quite the turn-around! If he is angling to try to obtain a new job as a chef at Sur, me thinks this might be a wee too late! Personally, I think this whole rant and “shocking” turnaround might all be attributed to one line from above: “I worked for KYLE RICHARDS once and she never paid me.”

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