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  • anican skywalker

    It is mass hysteria. ERIN. Mass Hysteria Case in LeRoy, New York. The doctors are IDIOTS. It is all women no men get it there are all psycholoically wacked out. It is all Psychological. girls in distress any one can c that there tics R BS. U r wasting yor Time and u and all the holliwood doc’s r so out of practice. DID u C when on the show the girl had a seiezure and the other girls TIC got worse. it is called mass hyteria. I ot 2 know I worlk wtih all women

  • who needs fame and fortune anyway

  • john

    storage wars without dave is just another show. I will miss him. I had a hat made wih YUUUUP! on the front and everybody responds YUUUUP! when they see it. Find a way to workout your problems because the show and the characters are worth it. If some of the lockers are being salted so be it, it’s the interaction of the people that makes it fun. I collect, buy/sell postage stamps at local auctions and when the hat goes on they know I’m there to win. All my friends watch the show and I’ll bet 40% of the public do as well. They love the characters and the concept.

    • Debbie ODell

      I miss Berry more

  • Chelsea

    please contact me at peace1luv_0811@yahoo.com i have been trying to apply. thank you

  • Stan

    just read the bad news of Jimmies passing from Ax Men

  • Mike Thorne

    i just watched the video with your car, that was awesome

  • chelsie

    hey my name is Chelsie, and im 25yrs old gunna be 26 in May. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 2months of age, and my lung functions are at a 40% :/ We need to find a cure

    • Shannon Bastien

      sorry Chelsea find a cure how about what is the cause fungus maybe the drs know this you are being lied too like most americans candida albicans the cause of all human diseases

  • Colin

    I just sent this message to Discovery Channell

    Just watched amish mafia and lost all respect for Discovery channel. I CANT’T STAND A LIAR. And the producers lied to the AMISH AID from day one. Liars cannot be trusted at all so as far as i know all of your shows are BxxxxxxT! And since you have just proven to all of your viewers that you lie how do we know that anything you show is true or just more BxxxxxxT! And when they confront you about your lies then you try to get back at them by airing all the things you promised not to film. But since you’r all liars we don’t know if they are true or not.

    Sincerly Colin Powers

    • Debbie ODell

      If you think the show Amish Mafia is real then your dumber then you post sounds do you think in the real world the cops would allow that type of stuff to happen .Its a TV show and its all about the ratings ,the tv show wants you to think there liars so you keep watching the dumb ass show .I was told the show is over thank god .

  • Hard2know

    So when are you guys going to start covering Christly knows best?

  • Shannon Bastien

    asa hawks your a moron the poor kid trying to make a meth lab was a neglected child by his mother so go f off I feel sorry for the boy I meet him long ago

  • Shannon Bastien

    and his mother an attorney for cook county used her charge card to aid in this matter so u don’t have all the facts bought fertilizer thru the mail she is going to be reported to the ardc

  • Shannon Bastien

    fungus is the cause of all human diseases stop listening to the quack making a fortune hiding the truth the fungus candida albicans look it up I wish people would stop trusting drs they are lieing

  • J

    Try to help creature live forever. Creatures should try not to hurt every creature. Creatures should try to obey the ten commandments of God in the Bible in Exodus chapter 20.

  • Vicky

    Huge fan of starcasm. That’s all 🙂