Real Housewives Of New Jersey Star Danielle Staub / Beverly Merrill Excerpts From Book Cop Without A Badge

Cop Without a Badge by Kevin Maher and Charles Kipp

The diligent reporters at acquired a copy of the true crime masterpiece Cop Without A Badge: The Extraordinary Undercover Life of Kevin Maher which contains detailed observations about the early life of professional dancer and coke aficionado Beverly Merrill. Merrill is now going by the name of Danielle Staub on the newest installment of the hit Bravo Housewives franchise The Real Housewives of New Jersey and the girls have caught wind of her “interesting” past. On the show Danielle is on the prowl for her next sugar daddy, but is currently relieving her boredom through phone sex with strangers and giving bjs to a 50-year-old man who claims to be 26. She’s having trouble relating to the other cast members, who fear for the health of their single sons and the safety of their kidnap-able daughters. But they can take comfort in Kevin Maher’s assessment of Beverly/Danielle, who he says “has no morals, but she’s a good person.” Huh?

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Here are some slightly more damning (and coherent) quotes from the book, including the “good but no morals” gem as well as numerous descriptions of Beverly and Kevin’s fairy tale romance:

The book’s description of Beverly / Danielle’s involvement with the kidnapping:

”Some rich kids kept saying he didn’t have the money. But the DD knew the father was some rick old f**k, so the DD [dealer] grabbed the kid. Beat the s**t out of him for three days. Didn’t feed him. Kept telling the kid that if his father didn’t send money, he was going to kill them . . .

‘She was there man’, Uribe said with a sigh. ‘She was there through the whole f**king thing. She was partying with the DD for a month straight.”

What Kevin Maher thinks after meeting the pantiless Beverly/Danielle in Miami:

She’s beautiful. I hope she’s not just another coke wh*re.

After a couple lines of coke and romp in the sack Kevin has a startling revelation about Beverly/Danielle:

She has no morals, but she’s a good person.

Coke-fuelled insights don’t lie and within hours Maher is “in love,” forgetting completely that at that time he is still married to a woman named Beth, who is a VP at The Economist and probably isn’t as fun and interesting as a woman who’s kidnapped a boy, takes her clothes off for money, sleeps with every man she meets that has a little spare change and snorts cocaine with a snorkel.

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  • Kat

    Hmmmm…. I love mystery books that have acton.However I have never been a fan of true crime.I have to admit that I was curious enough to go to the computer to check it out after seeing this on THE HOUSE WIVES OF NEW JERSEY.

    However, after more thought & as a mother there is no way I will go out & buy this book.It would only hurt the child who was kidnapped in it ,the long run.That child went through enough at the time, has moved on & deserves the peace he/she has finally received.

    *So If anyone is thinking of buying it ask yourself if this was your child would you want him/her to have to relive it ?*I THINK NOT!

    I feel that Danielle should be released from her contract with THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY. I have no interest in her nor did I ever.People get tired of boring people as is all that she has showen.I feel sorry for her NO MORE!!!GET HER OUT…

    • doris tuller

      I to believe that Danielle should be taken off the show unless thats the drama they want which will make for a great show. However will it be at the exspence of the little boy who was kidnapped?

  • Teresa Olsen

    This woman is disgusting and should not be aloud to continue on the show if everything in this book is correct. I went to which is were I purchase all of my reading materials and found the book. I would not however pay $219.99 for the book and I certainly would not want to support the writer who is making money writing about a crime against a child. Shame on all involved and this women should be in jail.

  • MG

    I agree!! No way will I support the writer and
    Beverly Merrill (AKA Danielle Staub), needs to go!
    She is a terrible role model! She talks to her little girls about her relationships and sex life. They are children for crying out loud!
    She is not someone I would invite into my life. She needs help, starting with parenting help and life counseling.

  • Kellita

    I don’t think it’ fair to this woman Danielle. Ive watched the show, i think its such bullsh*t common this man im sure stretched the truth a little bit much. And even if there is truth this book was written how long ago? People who want to judge her from mistakes shes made twenty something years ago must be jealous or something because everybody goes through things in their lives maybe not what this woman had gone through but that was in the past and were living in the present they should be able to build a relationship with her if they choose to and if they dont choose to then just keep your darn mouth shut and turn ya head. Get with it people. Its reality and sh*t happens.

    • If you were a murderer 25 years ago and had a book written about it, does it not still say something about your present character? …or is the past the past and sh*t happens? The book aside, the way she talks to her daughters is not like a mother it’s more like a friend, a friend who creates a bad influence. Its not so easy to “turn ya head” when she’s on television and part of a show.

  • Eva

    Yes as cliché as it sounds I worked my way through college as a stripper. I have been raising a child as a single mother as well. I now have a great career, a very well adjusted teen and a decent life. Some people struggle more than others, face more adversity and have darker moments they create for themselves. That’s what’s called LIFE.
    How dare you judge someone else? Sure, she may not have made the best choices in her life but her kids seem better adjusted than most. I’m not saying I like the chick, however until you’ve walked a mile in someone else’s shoes…

  • R

    SAD….. people should leave the past behind and start over…..those who throw rocks….should duck when the crap flies in their direction…there are no angels here just people with all of their mistakes and foibles…..why judge anyone…..

  • dollladie

    The truth is, all of these “ladies” are clueless as to life in the real world. There is nothing real about these so-called housewives. They’re judgmental, think they’re purer than the NJ snow … yeah, right. To behave the way ALL of them did in front of their children during the season finale was a disgrace and insult to all women. So, leading by example, now the little brat-angels have something to look forward to when they grow up. Danielle’s talking to her children about sex and her PAST life is possibly the most realistic thing that’s happened on the “show.” Better she tell them about her life, than have Dina do it …

  • Redone51

    I whole heartedly agree with all of the other posts. I have watched some of the episodes of the “Housewives” franchise, and can’t think of anyone who even comes close to Danielle/Beverly. Although most of the ladies live in “lala” land, she is deceitful, coniving, and one of the poorest examples of a mother (role model) I’ve ever seen. To expose her children the way she has, is unforgiving. If she’s allowed to continue on the show, I won’t be watching.

  • Hal

    Do we really need to take all of this into account from a male who cheated on his wife and family while abusing illegal narcotics, alcohol abuse and plotting crimes against other innocent people. His word is for sh*t right out of the gate.

  • I dont like danielle either but i dont think she should be judge for her past she was on drugs back then you do stupid stuff when you are high and im sure those other ladies on the show aint perfect they pick on danielle because she has a lot of issues even stevie wonder can see that and theresa is so ignorant how she reacated it didnt even involve her dumb ass but im glad jaslein stood up for her and told the truth

    • admin

      Whoah! Shawanda you absolutely have to get your own show! Your comment was more entertaining than all the episodes of RHWONJ leading up to the table toss! I’ll be your agent – we could call the show Kinda Fonda Shawanda! Maybe it could be a video blog similar to The Soup on E!

      Wow. I feel silly using punctuation now.

  • Lisa

    Tacky, Tacky

  • realitychek

    The book may have been written about Danielle’s past, but she hasn’t learned anything from her past mistakes as evidenced by the fact that she invited her twenty-something year old boyfriend into the restaurant bathroom to have sex. She has a mental disorder that causes her promiscuity and she is not fit to be a mother.

  • Octavia

    Drugs can make you do some crazy stuff. Remember that this was in the 80’s! Everyone seemed to be doing something crazy. Many of us did not leave that decade unscathed and if you think you did, think again. I am happy to see that Danielle has gotten off the drugs and is providing a safe and nurturing environment for her children. even though she drinks a little too much and is a little nutty. My advice: cool it with the alcohol and go see a therapist.

  • christine

    why does everyone keep calling him (the kidnapped person) a “little boy”?? was he definitely under 18? if so my comments are to be ignored…but if not…he obviously didn’t deserve what happened to him -no matter what age he was- but he was getting drugs from a dealer and not paying his tab!! sounds like he was not a child but rather a college kid, and asking for trouble messing around with dealers and strippers. In regards to Danielle/Beverly staying on, wouldn’t it be a boring show if it was just a bunch of rich housewives that all got along and had perfect lives????? p.s. hasn’t anyone ever heard of screwing over your ex-wife by calling her a prostitute and coke wh**e in print??? it might all be an exaggeration by a jilted spouse!!!

  • opal

    i think some of you are like Danielle or is it that some of you would tell your children the stuff that she is telling her girls. now do not get me wrong i do not agree with everything that was said but be a big woman and own your wrong and move on. as for dina she is a bully and needs to be ignored at times teresa is a little wacky but i like her jacquline is too soft even her daughter plays her but she is ok now the one i like the most is caroline she is a straight shooter and just gives it to you just like that. i like her.

  • karen

    I cannot believe that morning shows are actually having
    “Danielle” on, even interviewing people! Are people actually
    going to glorify this woman for what she is and help her
    get rich by staying on these shows? What kind of role model
    do we want for our kids??
    She hasn’t changed from 24 years ago, at least not sexually.
    Remember the restaurant scene when she proudly said how
    “bad” she was for asking her date to go into the bathroom with
    She sucks in those cheeks and guzzles that champagne as
    she arrogantly looks over her glass at the others. To accept
    an invitation to a nice party and then have to “have the floor” to ruin it shows how “classy” she is.
    I agree. If she’s allowed to continue on this show I will
    not be watching. Inexcusable to let young girls see this!

    • yvonne

      Well Karen all you have to do is use the remote no one is telling you to watch it.


    Danielle is a wack-a-doo! But I don’t think she is too wacky because in my opinion she is trying to sell the book it is all a publicity stunt! Danielle is delusional. I wonder what she was thinking when her crazy a** saw the show and she realized how the “26” year old played her. It was hilarious how she cried when she “broke up” with him and they really weren’t together at all. On one show she kept looking into his eyes and holding and caressing his hand and he looked like he was sooo disgusted by her. GET HELP YOU CRAZY B%#@*!

    • starcasm

      “Wack-a-doo!” I love it!

      I’ve noticed some folks mentioning Danielle and/or her ex-husband making money off of this book, but it is out of print and unless they get it out in paperback in a hurry or sign a movie deal, they’re not really making money on it. (Unless they stocked up on old copies and are selling them on eBay) I would agree that Danielle is playing this thing for fame, though! And that she needs help 🙂

  • Cori

    Beverly/Danielle should not have been allowed to reproduce! I wonder if she’s also told her kids all about drugs and how much fun they are! Because they certainly know how much fun her mom has f***ing god knows who! And to top everything off……..she signed up for a freakin reality show with a horrible and shamefull past and now her children will be judged right along with her! Poor kids….

  • larry r

    they are all zealous of her, she’s my favorite

  • AlisaMc

    Why would she even want to go on a national television show, if she knew that this was all going to come up!? I am going to get the book, Because I have watched every episode, And I’m very curious I saw her mugshot, And it is DEFINITLEY her!

    • admin

      I agree Alisa. I think that’s the fundamental flaw with all of Danielle’s complaints – she had to know the book would surface as would her past. Watching the reunion show tonight she said she has a book coming out, so I’m guessing this was all part of her bid for fame. She’s obviously a subscriber to the Andy Warhol mantra that all publicity is good publicity.

  • roselady

    Danielle probably suffers from borderline personality disorder. She displays many of the symptoms. Her nose definately looks like she has had a collapsed septum. Poor dear was ugly before (mug shot) and looks even worse now. Model my arce~~and she is delusional if she thinks she has a nice body (pool scene).

    Caroline is the Wack-a-doo and needs to get over herself.

    Dina is a classic instigator hiding behind an ignorant.

    Teresa needs to definately find a way to catch her personality up with her money and her mansion. She acts like trailer trash.

    I just hope we get to know what got Caroline all worked up at the end of the reunion show. Please do tell, or is that the cliff hanger for the next season………….we all want to know, what did Danielle try to have done to Dina?

  • linda

    I think what happens in your past should not be forgotten but you should learn from them and try not to repeat them.Danielle seems like she has not learned much of anything except to dress better and hobnob with a better class of people.I see her as a very lost person that wants to belong somewhere and I think she wants what Caroline, Dina and the rest have the closeness of the family makes her feel like she does not belong. guess what Danielle …you don’t .That is Dina’s family not yours, you can’t have that family. Make a good life with your kids as a Mother not thier bestfriend but as thier Mother and stop sharing with them your sorted past, protect them not put it right in their face.Quite running betwenn the families trying to put a wedge between them with this he said she said crap.Move forward and be someone who can rise above by example.

  • Kimmy


    I totally agree with you that stripping as an ends to a means is not THAT big a deal. However, there is so much, not only in the book but in her current behavior, that shows she is an opportunist, gossip, and would lie to save her own skin in a second. She told her kids in one of the episodes that she stripped but denied it at the dinner and during the reunion show. So which is it? Did she lie to her kids or all the other times? She herself can’t seem to keep it straight. I’d have more respect for her is she simply said, yes, I’ve done those things. I was a different person then, etc. But she keeps denying some things, admitting some, and even have them overlapping. It’s the lying that ruins her credibility.

  • JC

    Putting the past behind and just judging this woman’s character based on I’ve seen on the show, I don’t think that she should continue being part of it all. She needs to go and take some parenting classes.

  • diamondgurll

    welp all i gotta say is if the things wrote adout danelle r true she needs jesus! i dont like carolyn because she’s ugly, thinks she’s hard, and a real *itch wouldnt b threatened by her at all! dina is scary and thinks she slick …she never liked danelle because she was jealous of danelle and jaqualin’s relationship! Jaqualin needs to get a back bone and tell carolyns manly a$$ to get a life! And last but not least TERESA is very ugly weird not sexy and y do u think yur bad cause u flipped a tiny table over????

    • starcasm

      BOOYEAH! After reading this comment I debated on retiring from the reality television commentary business! You tell ’em diamondgurll! You are cast member number one when we film the pilot for The Real Comment Bloggers Of All your fans will be leaving comments like, “I love diamondgurll cuz she tells it like it is!” You need to come back in August and get real on those ATL girlz! Ol’ Kim Zolciak won’t know what hit her!

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  • Ade;e

    I think that all THREE shows are just a bunch of wannabe’s. In the ‘reunion’ show for the RHNJ shown today – that the ‘other’ HW of NY & ATL were chiming in. As if THEY have such great morals to advise parenting skills. Hmm Jill we never see you’re daughter we see you go out and spend Bobby’s money like no tomorrow. The letter you wrote about warning the crazy table flipping nutjob – YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAID HER CHILDREN WILL BECOME: grown women with a sense of entitlement and so forth. Watch it – the glass house remember? NONE of the other housewives of any show should be commenting on anyone’s parenting skills.

    I’m from NY and those women will do ANYTHING to be included in all this crap. They’re included becauase it’s a SHOW and others want the publicity. 2. you’re not TV stars you’re overly injected housewives (and like no housewives I’ve ever met in my life and not in a good way).

    Jill: you’re an uptight jew who marries for money – all we see you do is spend money and little else. However you are, just like ALL your counterparts from any state – spoiled, big mouthed and STILL ACTING LIKE YOU’RE ALL IN HIGH SCHOOL.

    My Gosh- the drama the gossip – seriously you are all the ‘mean girls’ and you ALL talk about each other behind your backs. So I’m tired of the “I’ve got your back” and the “I’ve NEVER talked about you” – Jill you talk about EVERYONE.

    Countless: do you not yet understand that this ‘title’ doesn’t mean anything – come with ANY privileges and doesn’t really ‘exist’ except in you’re want to be the top gal crap. You’re not even invited to the fashion shows etc., and you go on someone elses’ ticket.

    Bethany is a desperate, desperate woman who like Jill just wants to marry another rich Jewish guy. You are the most annoying with your b**ching and desperate need for attention that you will start arguments in the most inappropriate places. LET IT GO. You are nobody and all you want is your face and name everywhere and want everyone to be skinny – you are one of those people that everyone should RUN FROM – because YOU grew up with body issues and problems doesn’t mean that you should encourage being skinny so these unexpected readers/watchers – especially anyone younger – will want to be like you – why I don’t know but your always b**ching, always complaining, talking about EVERYONE and your new ‘boyfriend’ won’t last- doesn’t seem like he’s into the drama. IF he does last? It won’t for long he rolls his eyes and doesn’t like your behavior will get on his last nerve too. Go to a sperm bank.

    Ramona – at your age – yes you’re in great shape for your age – but cover it up –

    Bensimone – yo’re nothing but another one of a zillion ‘ ex-models, who is merely riding on your ex husbands name.
    Playboy issue:
    You all think there is no difference between one person on the internet with photos but posting naked for Playboy considering it to be the ultimate “confirmation of how beautiful you are” shows your desperation. COVER UP – you’ve got a body like a BOY and an attitude like a 12 year old. Just because it’s Playboy doesn’t mean you’re still not showing your cookies everywhere even more so that your children and others have to deal with it. And you’d encourage your girls to do it if they ‘want’. You will probably encourage it – it’s still naked, men are making sticky with the pages seriously get a grip – no diff between online, Playboy or anything else. And doing it at 41. First of all you look OLDER THAN THAT – and great women much older have posed and this does NOT make you a beauty icon it makes you a model who will take it all off for attention. You’re still a wh**e who THINKS she’s all that – go jog in the park and put some clothes and a bra ON.

    Ramona – well the ‘crazy eyes comment’ is very rude – your eyes do bug out when you’re staring etc. but come on we all have things like that. You also are the instigator in many things but definitely nowhere near your counterparts. Your husband however needs to learn tact and how to be appropriate. He’s not funny, he’s a jerk (on TV at least) and is ‘one of the girls’. The other husbands or whomever don’t get themselves literally IN the girls drama like he does like a 12 year old girl – check is gay status because only a gay man would want to be involved in all that and he’s the only one that does.

    Alex: WHY she is on this show I don’t know. She and her husband are SO pretentious. Her opening line of how “some people status is important” you are delusional – YOU ARE wannabes who spend money on ridicuolous fashion etc. Definitely physically the UGLIEST people on TV with pretention laughs and attitudes. And yes your sons crawling up someone at the boat? If your little messy brat ever did that to me, he would have accidentally slipped into the water. Your ‘parenting book’ is a joke. Your either working or out with the tv show and putting your kids in this – oy. therapy here they come! But in terms of looks – FUGLY unattractive – get your teeth fixed and the stick out of your a$$.

    NJ Danielle: hon don’t defend yourself to these classless woman. You’re better than that. Don’t make it worse by fueling their fire – but don’t let them kick you around.

    Oh just a midway – the plastic surgeries – you’re all had so much who are you? I’m older than EVERY one of you on every show and I without a knife needle or anything: wash face, lotion and little makeup and I look like I’m younger than 30 (still get cast in roles etc. for women in their late 20’s and no older than 30 and I just turned 48 and don’t look a day older than 30 and yet up comes my 30th HS reunion. You all lack maturity, class and you’re supposed to ‘represent’ the housewives of wherever? Good one. I’m single and if I got cast in a show like that they’d provide the parties the ‘right’ image etc. for the show. But for me they wouldn’t have to do much.

    HW of NJ: again you are all in HS but you are a bullying Italian Mafioso type family – I’m Italian and you make all Italian American women – well you’re an EMBARRASSMENT! Big mouth big hair table tipping low class morons. Never once during that dinner did you people show any class except for all your family vs Danielle. Get some other people on the show who over power these losers on there at least balance it out. Just talking about how your parents would be the one’s embarrassed by one girls supporting her friends – really does show your mafia low class Jersey element.

    Caroline is matronly but at least she’s attractive, natural and looks it. But the matriarch of the NJ – you read the book (I read it when it first came out) – do you believe EVERYTHING you read. The book is by a guy who is lying con artist with a major criminal background (I’m sure your family has but is protected) and you believe all the stuff you read in a book about a guy who made up everything to do what he did – so I guess you should very well know for the truth that you are pitiful and you instigate it all. The ENTIRE NJ SHOW is a friggin advertisement for your failing, roach infested restaurant/inn.

    Andy – this show is a major failure – how DO YOU find your castings – seriously.

    These shows while ‘entertaining’ in the sense of driving down the freeway and stopping because you HAVE to watch the goings on of a major car accident. But putting ANY of these women as ‘housewives’ and giving them publicity they go to the Emmy’s and so forth – they have done NOTHING to deserve. You get attention for being the b**ching, botoxed HS girls you all are.

    You are all seriously right from the “Mean Girls for Middle Aged Botoxed Broads”. But seriously each one is HS, gossip, plastic surgery and spending money then we hear of them losing houses. (apparently Ramona has had no surgery and frankly it looks like she hasn’t she looks great for her age without it but no nothing close to Cameron Diaz).She didn’t seem like she was ‘selling her wares’ but sharing with her friends what she’s done – just like Bethany making sure there are skinnygirl cocktails or whatever else you’ve got and the rest of you with your own agendas.

    Jill you DO need a hobby – you mean well I suppose but you take one who seems like the underdog (first Bethanny now Luann?) – and you don’t go around sharing much less on TV – voice messages and so forth to make someone look bad to someone who actually may be friends with them but hey.

    And the go naked or wear fur thing? I wear fur and won’t change that however I do feel that THAT is something getting naked for that has more morally done for a cause than Kelly doing Playboy. Personally Bethany’s shots (or what we saw being shot) she has the best body – she would be good for Playboy. and Luann saying she wouldn’t do it but hasn’t been offered is a public on her show begging for that offer. Luann your obsession on the countess title and if someone says ‘countless’ you can’t just laugh it off and make a comment- NO you’er all insecure HS girls who come together to bully each other and comment on anyone else.

    and re the HW of ATL – the entire thing is a JOKE – it’s a Ghetto Housewives and that’s what it should be called period.(and all the other HW of wherever are also very ‘Ghetto’ acting. But the ATL HW all think they are designers and big wigs – you’re not. None of you would have any of these things without the show. and the most recent HW of NY – Ramona nailed it on the head “there are no titles in the US” but the title IS COUNTLESS – it doesn’t exist and your desperate need to talk about your modeling (which was Sears, JC Penny etc.) so if you actually left the title behind then perhaps you may get some sympathy for your husband leaving you for a much younger woman.

    Bethany keep your mouth shut in pulic places – you have a problem? Put on a nice face (not the one where you always act like you have a stick up your butt – and you should get some help removing that) and discuss it LATER in a more appropriate place. But your friends are attention wh**es as well so I guess every cast does belong together.

    But I’D like to see a group of people not so full of themselves who actually DO for others and so forth. These fakes – you think they actually all HANG OUT and get into these clubs and restaurants if there weren’t cameras following them or it hadn’t been pre set by Bravo? No.

    Andy Cohen put these shows together – seriously do a show worth watching – I’ve got some for you that TLC wants – but you could actually do some good with entertainment on Bravo – but these women waste TV time. Reality TV is taking over – and it’s horrible – there are real actors out there who could do these shows and would be way more entertaining, fun and see how they do it. But plucking these classless woman because in NY they’re on some ‘list’ or buy there way on it (personally either Bravo pays for everything or if you do – then you’re bankrupt and you all think after a reality show you have something to ‘offer’ so out come your books. Ridiculous that anyone would even BOTHER.

    Danielle’s, while I won’t buy it – would be interesting in her view of how everything happened because she has the place to put the other side to that story that everyone is judging based on a book where a con man says things about someone and then the other HW’s don’t want to hear it. So write it girl.

    The rest of you have NOTHING to offer of any consequence or morality for anyone – go back to being ‘housewives’ take care of your kids and houses and be HOUSEWIVES – and Bravo and Andy Cohen – change these casts or dump em.

    These women Don’t REALLY always socialize or do things together – they ONLY do so for the show and the dough.

    But all of them are fake, society wannabe’s and waste time, money and air – when there are people who are starving, disabled, and so forth but your stupid ugly dresses and plastic surgery addictions, phony 2 faced things you do ON CAMERA behind each others backs and should be EMBARRASSED for yourselves and your family’s.

    The original – RHW of OC – is probably the most laughable – they’re losing their houses but will spend a fortune on plastic surgery = there is not ONE of you that is not pushed, pulled, lifted, implanted – you’re stepford b**ches. You’re all about the money – and thinking it will buy you everything. Well Lynn’s daughters (both) behavior is proof you did not ever parent them now 18 years later you want them to listen to you when you only do for yourself and think about yourself and no one else? an your surprised – Jeanna got out in good time – but she was the most honest, real one of ANY of the Bravo housewives.

    Gretchen – you’re a money hungry man using sl*t. period.

    Tamara – you’re I think the oldest here – talking about how hot you are (and this goes to all of them ) shows your desperation for attention and self worth – find a good Psychologist. I have 2 PhD’s – I can refer you.

    Vicki – you’re a workaholic if the separation within your marriage works for you great but you are like an old lady busy body and you are the biggest instigator of the drama and problems.

    Slade – get a life to get off the show you just want 15 min more of fame by screwing around with another OC housewife? umm I mean single woman who just clings onto men.

    The one thing that is a common thread in ALL the women ever on these shows is:
    desperation for attention
    spending money on clothes, surgery etc you THINK make you classy.
    Especially the OC housewives. You all live very close to me and you are just attention wh**es (or regular wh**es) but all the plastic surgery in your 30’s or younger – again take a tip from a real woman, much older than any of you and you’ll look YOUNGER. All that makeup etc. When you take care of your skin and etc. at 48 I still look like a college student next to all of you.

    last thing – big hair, table flipping moron – two words – BIRTH CONTROL. This world does NOT need more like you and your daughters are already worse than all of you.

    In terms of NJ HW – Get a more variety of cat = not ONE mob family against one ‘outside’ person. All the pious “I’ll pray for you”, and so forth: you are all judgmental of anyone you think is not in your ‘class’ yet you don’t have any – you judge and so forth. Look within – Glass houses and rocks is all you’ve all got.
    The so called Jewish one’s never go to Temple or anything, and Ramona miss wears a cross everywhere like the rest – do you actually GO to church or KNOW that your behavior is judgmental.

    Mine? Not judgment but a review.

    Rode hard and put away wet: Kelly Bensimone, Ramona, LuAnn, NeNe (and all of ATL), well all of them in some way. Again just a review since it’s on all day today – but review and saying what so many want to or have said a bit about – is only fair – they put themselves out there like this and make the drama – expecting no critical comments would mean you’re more delusional than ever.

    • Sandi

      @ Ade;e

      In response to your short story review – you sound about as nutty as Danielle Staub! You don’t have much good to say about any of these women and yet you know all the details and you sound like you’ve never missed an episode of ANY of the RH shows! You sound like a fan of Danielle (or maybe Danielle herself) and that in itself is just nutty.

      Get a life, honey. If you hate these women and their spending habits and plastic surgery so much – TURN THE FREAKIN CHANNEL. Not only do you know each freakin character but you leave 5 page comments (oh sorry, reviews) on websites.

      Your an actress who is nearly 50 but don’t look a day over 30 and has two PhD’s? I’m sure that’s why you’re an actress, right? PUUUHLEEAASE! I think you are one that dreams of being on this show and you think you would do better than any of these women. Keep dreaming honey…. Although I hear Danielle just got fired so that must mean they’re in the market for a new psycho. Send that application in – maybe you’ll get lucky?

      Can you say CrAzY?

  • Jennfer

    Well if Staub had as many things sticking out of her as she has had stuck in, gosh then we would all know what a walking porkie pin looks like lol.