Daughter pens defense of blind Bill Cosby


Bill Cosby has broken his silence and his daughter has posted a lengthy defense of her famous father as his June trial for sexual assault looms.

The 79-year-old comedian and TV legend spoke publicly for the first time in two years with NNPA. After revealing that he had completely lost his sight, the man once known as “America’s Dad” never directly addressed the accusations against him but did say:

“The history about African-Americans is a history of the United States; but the true histories, not the propaganda that is standard in our nation’s history books. The great writer, James Baldwin, said, ‘If you lie about me, then you lie about yourself.’ The revolution is in the home. There is something about someone saying, ‘I didn’t know that,’ that could cause a change in that person’s thinking.”

When asked if he missed performing, which has been on hold since news of alleged sexual assaults surfaced, he answered, “Darn right. I miss it all and I hope that day will come. I have some routines and storytelling that I am working on… I think about walking out on stage somewhere in the United States of America and sitting down in a chair and giving the performance that will be the beginning of the next chapter of my career.”

Cosby’s youngest daughter, Evin Cosby, penned a lengthy defense of her dad that was also posted to NNPA. She said in part:

The public persecution of my dad, my kids’ grandfather, and the cruelty of the media and those who speak out branding my father a “rapist” without ever knowing the truth and who shame our family and our friends for defending my dad, makes all of this so much worse for my family and my children.

When people are so quick to cast hate, and make accusations of horrific violence against my dad, they are callous in their carelessness about the harm they are causing to others. I thought when my brother Ennis was murdered, that was the worst nightmare of all time.

Evin Cosby went on to say, “The harsh and hurtful accusations of things that supposedly happened 40 or 50 years ago, before I was born, in another lifetime, and that have been carelessly repeated as truth without allowing my dad to defend himself and without requiring proof, has punished not just my dad but every one of us.”


  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    Cry me a river.

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  • Alisson Leech

    She looks just like Bill!!!

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