Snooki denies Jionni had an Ashley Madison account: he’s “the most humble, respectful, and most loyal soul”


Earlier today, it was reported that Snooki’s hubby, Jionni LaValle, has an e-mail address that matched an Ashley Madison account. While many assumed that Jionni was looking for some action on the side, an e-mail address linked to Ashley Madison doesn’t necessarily mean the owner of the email personally signed up for the service. In fact, as one Ashley Madison hacking website pointed out, “Ashley Madison did not validate account email addresses.”


“It is quite possible someone else accidentally or deliberately registered using your email address rather than their own,” the site explains. “You’d be amazed how many people apparently don’t know their own email addresses, so don’t panic if you mysteriously find your email address on the list, especially if you have a common name.”

However, because of the attention given the ongoing Ashley Madison fallout, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has decided to address the rumors head on. Here’s her full statement:


This morning when I got a call from my publicist that a story was going to be printed on my husband “allegedly” signing up on Ashley Madison, I laughed- and said lets not even comment and give the story any juice, because it couldn’t be any further from the truth. But now seeing how it’s the “news of the day” and everyone is wondering what I think about it- here it is. Jionni is the the most humble, respectful, and most loyal souls I know. I mean hello, that’s why I married him. He’s a stand up guy who loves his family more than anything in this world. The fact that the tabloids can deliberately make stories up and print things like “Jionni LaValle ALLEGEDLY and MAY HAVE signed up on Ashley Madison” is absurd. I can see if there is proof in the story to make it legitimate, but to accuse my husband of something he had no idea about… HOW IS THAT LEGAL? I really didn’t even want to acknowledge this absurd story, but when my family is being bashed for no reason- mama bear is gonna say what’s up. So no, my husband didn’t sign up on that website to cheat on me. Honestly, if he wanted to cheat- he would go out and do it. Not sign up on a website and pay for it. Jionni is a good guy and doesn’t need his name being tarnished. Nor does our family. We did nothing wrong to deserve this. So with all of this said, I love you babe. And even though I’m a pain in your ass, I know you would never cheat on me. Especially on a lame ass website


Snooki ended her sentiment with heart emoijs, a #myfamilyrocks hashtag, and the following photo of she and Jionni dancing happily at their wedding.


Is Snooki’s statement enough to convince you that Jionni isn’t an Ashley Madison user?


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  • Kat

    What are the chances someone uses your exact email, though? Someone giving a random email out is believable, but they just so happened to put in a reality TV stars husbands email of all emails? I don’t really buy that.

    • DeeDeDee

      Back in the day of being childish, a friend and I signed her ex-boyfriend up for a website, using his email, so that he would get nasty emails all day. We put that he was up for casual encounters and to only email if they had naked pictures, also that he was gay. So loooots of d*ck pics. :/ We had access to his email, and he never recieved a verification email for that website. But he got everything else…

    • j

      I agree unless his email was known for some reason. Fame also breeds enemies.

    • Jackie

      I do agree it’s a stretch, but when they discovered Josh Duggar there was credit card information linked to his address. The other people they’ve been able to say how long/much they’ve paid for their account too. If they had proof that Jionni paid for anything they would release it. Instead it seems just his email was used, I wonder if it is NJbeachdude or something lol.

  • truckproductions

    wait… so she thinks there is no proof of the allegation? I think she’s in for some backpedalling..

  • Alisson Leech

    When has Snooki ever cared if her partner was faithful?

    • Lena

      Since she put it out there that Anna was terrible for not leaving her husband after the Ashley Madison stuff came out. Now ppl r calling her out for being a hypocrite.

      • Emily

        Ooh that hurts. I had no idea she spoke out about Anna Duggar before her own husband was accused :/ That being said Jionni’s account seems to have the least amount of validity to it since, as someone above mentioned, they have no proof of address or credit card use, only an email address which could easily be either a mistake or a deliberate troll. I’m not saying it’s 100% not true I’m just saying things look a lot better for her than for Anna Duggar and Kristen Taekman whose husbands had no choice but to cop to their misdoings. All of these women will surely stay with their husbands but I guess in Snooki’s case it will be the easiest for her to bury her head in the sand over the issue.

  • jeff

    You can’t just have someone hijack your email, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. He would get a notification if he was signed up for Ashley Madison and then they’d spam the heck out of you with notifications every single day.

    Sorry Snooki, denial is a powerful thing and so is delusions, Unfortunately your boy is a cheater. Deny it all you want but the information is there and she’s extremely in denial if she’s going to think that someone signed up with his e-mail for no reson whatsoever. It’s not like they knew the site was going to be hacked in the future, and like I said… tons of notifications would get sent prompting the dude to do something about it. He could log into the account by just clicking on one of their links like any other dating profile notification emails and close it himself. I’m not sure if they’ve released e-mails only but I do know with the previous release you actually had to put in an active cc to get on the hacker’s list, but since there aren’t screen caps of the information (unlike Josh Duggar) I don’t believe that was the case for this release.

    So basically this is the excuse he gave her and she’s dumb enough to believe it.

    • Lena

      From what all the articles are saying when you sign up you just put an email in, any email, and there is no verification or need to access the email account. So yeah, it could happen. Plus they’ve listed the amount of transactions, when they signed up, last were active, and money paid for all the other accounts, and all they said for Jionni was his email was used.

      Also I get tons on spam emails with stupid stuff along those lines, meet hot singles, little blue pill, etc, etc. If it ends up in my actual inbox I mark at as spam and any more emails from the same address go to my spam box and I don’t see them again.

      • jeff

        I guess I should verify. I work as a digital advertiser and though I haven’t worked directly with Ashley Madison we did have running accounts to guage the competition for the websites we did work for (me and my partner run this as a side buisness). You get emails directly from Ashley Madison when you sign up. You get daily notifications, you get notifications daily of who viewed your profile, who wants requests of pictures, and whoever messages you. Inside of these emails you can click directly to your account. It isnt ‘little blue pill’ spam, this is ashley madison continually spamming you every day. It’s too many direct emails to him for him to ignore. He would have to be extremely dim and extremely naive for him to not see this as someone signing up with his account. I’m still calling BS.

  • aimsless

    Hmm, I don’t know about this one. Emails are not that hard to get a hold of but it takes more effort to produce credit card info so if they prove that then it’s going to be hard to deny. We shall see.