TLC cancels Escaping the Prophet, Flora Jessop responds

Escaping the Prophet cancelled by TLC

TLC has apparently pulled the plug on its reality series Escaping the Prophet, which documents ex-FLDS member Flora Jessop’s efforts “to take down one of the most reportedly dangerous polygamist cults in America.” The show normally airs on Tuesday nights, but viewers tuning in last night were surprised to find no new episode. Show star Flora Jessop was also apparently blindsided by the cancellation, which she later angrily confirmed by sharing this since-deleted Facebook message:

Flora Jessop and Brandon Jeffs want to acknowledge the support and response received from our TV Series ESCAPING THE PROPHET. We could not have asked for a better response from you. However, we are extremely sad to report that ESCAPING THE PROPHET has been pulled off the viewing schedule after only 3 episodes due to “poor ratings” according to TLC.

The tremendous support and response received from the viewers tells us a very different story. We are very proud of Escaping The Prophet and the lives we have touched through the show. We believe that we have a show that touches the lives of so many people worldwide that have been voiceless for too long, we are hoping that Discovery finds another venue to air this important topic of Cults and the abuse they harbor.

If you would like to voice your support in keeping Escaping The Prophet on the air, please email:

In addition to the Facebook message, Flora has been on a bit of a Twitter tirade since last night expressing more anger over the cancellation:

The cancellation of Escaping the Prophet comes after the network seemingly had success with its Breaking Amish inspired Breaking the Faith reality series featuring young men and women attempting to leave the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That series premiered with over 1.3 million viewers in November. Sadly, I was unable to find numbers for Escaping the Prophet, which means it must have finished out of Nielsen’s Top 100 cable shows each Tuesday night.

You can keep up with Flora Jessop and Brandon Jeffs and their ongoing battle at these links:

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Flora’s Escaping the Prophet support page:
Brandon Jeffs on Facebook:
Brandon Jeffs on Twitter: @BrandonJeffs

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  • Babydoll84

    I was getting into that show. It was never properly advertised in commercials or anywhere. I found out about it online. And I enjoy watching it… hmm disappointed.

    • Sam

      I agree that it was not properly advertised. I’ve never even heard of the show.

  • DeeDeDee

    To be honest I thought this show was the one similar to Breaking Amish because I hadn’t heard about it, ever. I tuned in because I was bores and was pleasantly surprised. It actaully delved in to the inner workings ie. the secret languages, the way the boys are trained, the serious lack of education, etc. Where as other “similar” shows were loosely based on this considering the cast members hadn’t been involved in the cult since at least 2011. Kind of sheisty on TLC’s part to pull he plug and not even let the people involved know. Butni guess that’s show biz. :/

    • Chandie Bartell

      Breaking Amish is extremely fake. I’ve stayed with the Lancaster Old Order Amish who worked for me for over 10 years twice a year for weeks living on their farms.

      The Old Order Amish members knew most of these kids from Lancaster and Ohio in the series including the Amish Mafia and they are ex- Amish kids or non-baptized Amish kids.

      Once you join the Old Order Amish Church you have to follow the ordnung. If you don’t, like make a movie for example, you’re shunned. No Amish person can be making movies with cameras and have their image on television and be a member in good standing with the Order.

      For example Esther on Amish Mafia is married with two children, and she is from the New Holland area. She also wears makeup, (not allowed).

  • anjealka

    The show was not done right. I live in southern Utah, my husband spent a lot of time in short creek (Colorado city) as a child so we watched. There is many great stories to tell , maybe a made for tv movie would be best. These secret meetings were very fake. Two of the secret meetings on the last episode were right by my suburban neighborhood, not short creek near st george which is near high school, shopping and made no sense because kids and people walk by these spots all the time(in fact you look good luck Charlie filmed the Christmas movie ending in one of the spots) .The trailer park visit was faked as well. Locals in general that I talked with were upset that the show was so faked and Flora was choosen since she has had some controversy in the past. TLC had an oppurtunty to tell a real interesting story but has to hype it up. Polygamy USA is the only almost 100% real show for those interested in learning. If interested in escape stories there are books or even some youtube channels with real stories.

    • Chandie Bartell

      There’s no reason to fake FLDS stories the truth is shocking enough.. If they need to do reenactments I wish they would put a disclaimer out there this is a reenactment.

  • corn

    Many of the people involved seemed like ex hard core drug addicts. I watched it but it was getting tough. I can see why they cancelled it, although you would think they could have just finished airing it. Should have only been 6 or so episodes anyway. There was nothing compelling enough developing for must see TV. It was kind of weak really.

  • ouch

    Just tried to dig up the ratings. It was so poor that it didn’t make any lists and at the bottom they are 0.3 rating so it was lower than that. You could broadcast static and get those numbers. Its clear why its gone as every tuesday night for 3 weeks saw no sign of TLC on any ratings lists. They were getting hammered and needed to do something to recoup the night. Advertisers aren’t paying for that weak exposure.

  • Rebecca

    TLC has way too many shows right now. I watch TLC a lot and even I had never heard of this show.

  • HoardersFan

    First of all the FLDS has done some horrible things and I am glad there are people like Flora to help out. However, the show was very poorly done. They tried to create an aura of danger in the story, but it just wasn’t there in the footage. Sure, the “God squad” drove by a few times, but then Flora had a sit down conversation with the man the family was trying to escape IN HIS OWN HOME! I’m not saying that there aren’t real problems there, or that Flora’s work isn’t real, but the production was just awful. It didn’t seem real at all.

    • Chandie Bartell

      I didn’t get to see it so I can’t give an opinion. I do know that Mike W. said that nine years ago him and Flora were the only ones willing to cover rescues in the FLDS underground railroad series.
      Those series showed them leaving to do a rescue then returning to a house with FLDS girls like the Fawn sisters.

  • azburner

    Sorry it didn’t go further. You did a great job in making it as far as they let you. But your real calling is helping those who cant help themselves. Keep your head up, many people love and respect you for what you do. Perhaps our paths will cross in the creek some day. Good luck!

  • K Dee Ignatin

    We want to see the rest. C’mon, TLC, it was obvious to even rank amateurs you put no effort into finding this show’s audience.

  • Barbro.

    Very disappointed even in Norway…… This should have been aired. This cult is sick and cruel and should be stoped. Flora Jessop, among her helpers is the biggest irl. Superhero I can think of šŸ™‚

  • Chandie Bartell

    I never even got to see one episode. I don’t believe they pulled it for lack of viewers not a chance with the Warren Jeffs FLDS empire. Yeah, right.

    • offtoshambala

      Yes, you are right about the police dept in the area… and the lid has been blown for years actually… but, the lid has been blown off of so many other things in this world too… and very little to nothing is done about multitudes of things. I heard/read somewhere that the group was/is involved in manufacturing some kind of “product(s” for the US military. Don’t know if this is true, but that is what has been reported. If this is true, it backs up your political pressure suggestion. I think that is why a lot of stuff gets shut down on Discovery. I wonder how many shows there are that have been shut down on Discovery.