REPORT 16 & Pregnant’s Lori Wickelhaus is pregnant and engaged

16 & Pregnant Lori Wickelhaus Update
Lori Wickelhaus, an alumna from the second season of 16 & Pregnant, is about to undergo some exciting changes in life: She’s expecting a new baby and is engaged to get married!

Our reliable friend over at The Ashley broke the news that Lori is midway through her pregnancy. Lori is reportedly also planning a wedding to fiance Joey, whom she began dating last January. (They are pictured together above.)

On 16 & Pregnant, viewers watched as 17-year-old Lori chose an open adoption for her baby, Aiden. Following the show, Lori fell into a deep depression.

Lori Wickelhaus
“I was basically a good kid until my teens,” Lori told The Inter Mountain. “The adoption was really hard on me. My life went on a downward spiral. I dropped out of college, and I wasn’t working.”

In need of a drastic change by the age of 19, Lori decided to enroll in a wilderness-based therapy program in West Virginia. The live-in facility required Lori how to manage money, do chores, work, cook and pursue an education. She also had the opportunity to work with a life coach, who helped her realize her potential.

“The biggest change I made was finding my self-respect… Now I have a lot of goals for myself that I never had — I plan on having a family, career and maybe a couple of animals,” Lori said last December.

Following the program, Lori moved out on her own, began taking college courses and started working at a nearby nursing home. She reportedly met Joey a short time later and has really been thriving since then.

One thing I always have to remind myself upon hearing that girls from 16 & Pregnant are pregnant again is that many of them are now in their early 20s with educations and stable lives. That certainly sounds to be the case with Lori… Congratulations to her and her fiance on this exciting experience!

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  • Gross

    I couldn’t STAND her on her show!

    I don’t care if she’s in her 20s and educated, she’s still marrying and having a baby with a man she just started dating 7-8 months ago!

    • ugh

      Exactly! She is still young has no stable career sounds like she learned a lot…

      • Kelli

        “Ugh” & “Gross”–
        Do either of you know her personally? No. Do you know anything about her life other than what tabloids tell you? No. To say “she has no stable career, has learned nothing, has no stable life” is ridiculous. And coming from two people that can’t even put their real names in their posts, hmm, sounds REALLY mature of you two. Before you started judging people that you don’t even know, other than hearsay, why don’t you re-evaluate your own lives. She’s a young girl that made a mistake in her teens.. she took the necessary steps to better herself and try and make a new life for herself. Who do you think YOU are criticizing someone trying to start a new life? Grow up. Get your own life and stop judging others.

        • Sweet Venom

          Putting your real name as your handle, Kelli, is not a sign of maturity. Everyone understands she made a mistake in her teens. I think the issue here is she made the mistake AGAIN with a guy she has not been dating for very long.

          Also, what do you think these posts are for? Obviously people are going to judge. It’s only human nature, especially if it is online.

        • LexiconD1

          I’m sure you don’t see the irony in your post…

          You do know you’re reading/replying in a gossip pseudo ‘celebrity’ news site?

        • Erika Gamble

          How does me putting my real name affect anything? You still won’t know who I am, where I’m from, or what my life is like. But here you go, since you asked.

          • Elizabeth white

            You say theydontknow nothing about you, but yet you are judging Lori& you know NOTHING about her. Hmm.

            • Sweet Venom

              That’s not entirely true. We do get updates on Lori’s life from particular fan websites. I don’t know if she has a twitter and all that junk, but fans can also view her life through those mediums. Not to mention we did see some of her life on her 16 and Pregnant episode. Sure we don’t know everything about her, but we know more than nothing that’s for sure.

    • Katelyn Zbytowski

      it says LAST january…thatd be a year and a half ago.

      • LexiconD1

        My last ‘January’ was only 8 months ago, what planet are you on?

  • kentuckymom

    I’ll never forget seeing her about two years ago on Thanksgiving at the local Cracker Barrel. My, then 9, son was acting more mature than her. I remember thinking thank god her parents pushed for adoption and this was clearly a very immature girl who shouldn’t have a child until at least 30.

    • LexiconD1

      Wow, that’s sad, but not surprising…

    • sammy

      This sounds like an interesting story. Details?

  • Kara

    I don’t know what to think of this. Hopefully she’s ready to raise a child.

    • anjealka

      Same here. I didn’t care for here parents on the show but they were very willing to pay for private school and college. If Lori had finished some college program, then I would be more hopeful.

  • Bec

    Someone obviously hasn’t learned how to use birth control. Way to go.

    • Dani

      Even when used correctly it is only 99% effective.

      • Mercedes Hardy

        After I had my son at 16, I went on the Mirena IUD, and did not get pregnant or even have a scare once during the 5 years I had it in. It is considered 99.7% effective, and even lightens or stops your period, and is pretty much a fool-proof way to prevent pregnancy, as you have it inserted by a medical professional, and can leave it in for up to 5 years. These days, there really is no excuse for unplanned pregnancies, particularly if you have already had one in the past.

  • A.J.

    Honestly, I’m not surprised. Her episode was one of the hardest ones to watch. You could tell that she really wanted to keep her baby, but her mother kept pushing the adoption idea. Nor did she understand Lori’s desire as an adoptee to connect with a child of her own. Furthermore, her mother never gave her the opportunity to choose the parenting route. No wonder she was messed-up emotionally. I wonder if her parents even realize how much of an ordeal that whole situation was for her. I hope that all goes well with the baby and her relationship. But I wonder what Aiden will think about this as he gets older.

  • Sweet Venom

    She went on a wilderness retreat and learned how to be independent and smart….yet still ended up pregnant.

  • christee

    She looks like she’s lost a little bit of weight and looks happy. Congrats to them. I hope it all works out for them.

    • Amber C

      I AM HAPPY I SCROLLED TO THE END TO SEE ONE POSITIVE PERSON! Thank you! Also congrats to the momma and bride to be! I wish nothing but the best for you!

  • LexiconD1

    I remember thinking, while watching her 16 & Pregnant episode, she seemed kind of ‘dim’, intelligence wise, and that her ‘boyfriend’ understood that, completely. Which lead to him using her. I totally understood where her parent’s were coming from pushing her into adoption. They did a great job of making her understand that her choices had consequences, too (I don’t agree with those who think they were mean. They told her upfront what ‘they’ were willing to do, or not do. And, the things she had to have, do, in order to be in a position to raise her baby.)

    I hope she’s matured since the show, for her’s or any of her potential children’s sake.

  • MomInKentucky

    I recently found out my cousin went to elementary school with her. She attended a birthday party/sleepover at Lori’s house when she was around 10 years old and her mom didn’t feed them. At all. I can’t say I was surprised when I was told about it… that family struck me as really strange when I saw her episode. I couldn’t stand how the parents treated her regarding the adoption. It’s no wonder she had problems coping afterward.

  • Question

    Starcasm, speaking about 16 and Pregnant girls, do you know if Nikkole Paulun had her 2nd baby? My friend saw her this past weekend while camping and she did not look pregnant at all. And I looked at her twitter and she mentions nothing about having the baby. It’s just odd, she posted pics all throughout her pregnancy on there and now nothing. Just wondering, I know you wrote articles about her before. Just hope nothing bad happened.

  • Chello

    This is pretty predictable and I suspect it’s her way of coping with an adoption she never wanted. I found it really hard to watch her be told she would make a terrible mother and no one tried to help equip her with the skills she would’ve needed to parent.

    I genuinely hope she has gained some life skills and is able to provide for this baby.

  • Dani

    Oh I’m not saying she was correctly using her birth control, but I’m not saying she wasn’t either. It is surprising how many women do not know how to correctly utilize their birth control.

  • hallie

    I bet her parents,pressured her to do the wilderness retreat. I wonder if they are trying to force her to give this baby up too.. I remember seeing the catch up special and her mom was like “see we have no drama” I het she was angry when Lori fell into depression

  • hallie

    why is it even your business how they use their birth control? ike every girl who gets pregnant is somehow obligated to tell you exactly what happened??