Briana Dejesus of Teen Mom 3 goes off on critics via Twitter


As MTV readies to unleash the cast of Teen Mom 3, one of the new mommas just completely went off on critics of her parenting skills via Twitter.

The stars from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 could give everyone a lesson on Twitter vitriol. To be honest, I can’t even imagine the overwhelming amount of wrath and straight up hate unleashed at them via social media on any given day. You have to grow thick skin, apparently that’s a lesson Briana Dejesus is in the process of learning.

Over the last few hours Briana has fired off on, “anyone who tried to get tough and talk about me being a mother.” We ain’t talking just one or two dismissive replies – this was a full-on blast-fest from Miss Dejesus.

It started with this, “Sorry b!tch that I’m f**king poppin and ur baby daddy don’t love u no more.” And then…

“Nobody sees my child nor does anything for her…not even her father so pls miss me with that sh*t.”

“I ain’t a f**ked up mother like 99% of u ho*s here…plz do NOT get me started.”

“Plzzzzz bc I do not walk around like I’m hot sh!t while my child at home in rags, w/ a sh!tty pamper on and dirty toe nails pls don’t try me.”


“Try me on my parenting skills and I will knock a b!tch out real quick.”




“Least I don’t have to suck d**k for pampers and wipes…sorry not sorry.”

“Difference between me and u ho*s is, I don’t need a man do provide for my child…”

“Least I have a f**king back bone to do it alone!”

“I don’t have other NI***AAAAS buying my child things…..”




“Last but not least….my child has everything she needs plus some, so if a b!tch wanna test me..come over and observe how a real women should mother!”

“I don’t want the hands? B!tch u think I have time to get a babysitter to fight u or should I bring my child like u did?”


Something tells me that Briana will not have a problem with speaking her mind on the upcoming 1st season of Teen Mom 3.

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  • Guest

    because speaking like that doesn’t make her sound like a “hoodlum”

  • ThaVoiceoftheVoiceless

    She should have never had a baby by him in the first place then. It seems like he was this way before she had a baby, yet she chose to stay with him.

    • gigi

      she’s not with him

  • Laye’

    I wonder who she was addressing?

  • masha

    I haven’t even watched her episode, but something tells me that she is nothing, but a hoodlum. no self-respecting woman would speak like that, it’s filthy and disgusting, I don’t even think i’ll be watching this season of teen mom. tired of screaming and drama on tv,

    • Aria

      if you were in her place, how would you handle the situation?? and please don’t tell me that you’re not watching the episode because she’s black, that’s racist and there’s plenty of teen moms who use inappropriate words like that too, not just her so leave her alone.

  • Really?

    Really Starcasm you closed comments on your other TM3 article? Why because the comments on these girls and MTV even deciding to air TM3 have all been overwhelmingly negative? You don’t wanna piss them off so they’ll still give you exclusive interviews? How ridiculous.

    Considering how *classy* (what you call Briana “speaking her mind” to me is being a trashy, ghetto brat) Briana and Alex come off on twitter, I’m sure this series will be a train wreck. I hope no one watches (most people don’t even remember who these girls are! 16 and pregnant has had crappy rating for years, there’s no way these girls will ever have the following the previous girls did! And why did MTV wait so damn long to air their season?)

    Also, Briana is the one who said (while holding her adorable infant daughter!) that if she could go back she would have aborted her. Yes, she said that on TV. I’m sure Nova will be delighted to watch that when she’s older.

    • starcasmnet

      No, it was an accident. We didn’t realize comments were close on that post. They will be turned back on in a second.

    • starcasmnet

      Commenting is enabled on that post now. Thanks for the head’s up about it not being available.

  • Nikki

    Awesome. Seems like MTV chose another crew of trash bag trainwrecks to continue the “Teen Mom” saga. Just another piece of trash that will make plenty of moeny from MTV. Maybe she’ll use that money for schooling or for etiquette classes. She sounds like an uneducated moron.

  • YoungChoppa

    Ask her how many dudes she’s had around her daughter in the past year? this girl changes boyfriends like I change my oil (and I have a shitty car so thats ALOT) lol

  • Dani

    I really disagree with how involved she is allowing a boyfriend to be in her child’s life. Isn’t it bad enough that her daughter’s father walked out on her, but now she has to get attached to mommy’s boyfriends and them walk out too?

  • elly

    I don’t see how she appears to be a “hoodlum” because she says she takes care of her kid. you’re all the reason trayvon martin’s death wasn’t justified. get over yourselves.

  • Justice4TrayvonandCaylee

    I’m still mad that they picked the most boring girls EVER!!!! Is it true they’re filming for 16&P Season 5?? I hope not!!!!!

  • Angel

    Already seeking attention. Such a shame.

  • lee

    good for you briana! If anyone wants to talk sh** about a mother and her child be ready for the wrath of a mother!! just like a lioness and her cub you don’t f**k with them period!

  • Kandi

    Briana is such a hood rat. She needs to get over her jungle fever and never mind dating… be a mother. Her mom looks like the evil queen from Snow White but I like her for some reason