Does Kenya Moore look like Beyonce? A side-by-side photo comparison

Kenya Moore and Beyonce side by side "Every day somebody thinks I'm Beyonce"

“Every day somebody thinks I’m Beyonce.” These are the words of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, one of the two new ‘Wives to be added to the highly rated show for it’s fifth season. But does the former Miss USA really look like People magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” of 2012?

We put together side-by-side photos for comparison (above) featuring Kenya Moore from the 2012 BET Awards and Beyonce from a screening of Beyonce: I am – World Tour Live in 2010. (I had to go back a couple years for Beyonce to get a similar hairstyle.)

Kenya and Beyonce do have similar features such as their skin and their smiles, but Beyonce’s eyes are a bit smaller, her brows have a higher arch, and her chin is a little less pronounced — all of which gives her a softer look. That being said, there is definitely a similarity! I’m sure with her pageant pedigree, Miss USA 1993 Kenya Moore can make quite the impression when she enters the room — perhaps leading some to think she is Jay-Z’s better half.

Regardless of whether or not Kenya looks like Beyonce, one thing is for sure — she’s got Beyonce’s confidence! In a recent interview with In Touch Weekly, she praised her own performance on Real Housewives of Atlanta. “It certainly feels like I may be the new star of the show,” Kenya explained. “I certainly can keep people’s attention.”

So what do you think? Was Kenya’s statement that she resembles Beyonce accurate or just a bit of wishful thinking? While you ponder that question, be sure to check out our new 2012 Miss USA Nana Meriwether and tell me she isn’t the spitting image of The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Cynthia Bailey!

For more of Kenya Moore, be sure to tune in to season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta every Sunday night at 9/8c only on Bravo.

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  • Seansong

    They are both gorgeous.

  • Lol no! She does not look like Beyoncé. Not even close.

  • ONE WORD…..NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LMG

    Definitely not

  • They both look beautiful but not close…

  • me

    ask j

  • awoman

    It is easy to look at an up close side by side and say no, but have them walking about 20 feet away in their fancy, not common clothing and I’m sure at least some people shouting no here would be fooled. It’s close enough for that at the very least.

  • Kellie

    Maybe from the nose down. All this woman is accomplishing on RHOA is showing how disgustingly desperate she is to get married. It’s really the saddest thing I’ve seen on reality tv in a long time. The only time she is shown is when she is badgering her boyfriend about marriage and kids. I find it very pathetic and hard to watch.

  • mz mo

    Hell no

  • mahadeva

    Kenya reminds me of a race horse running with donkeys! She is so far ahead of them both in intellect and attractiveness. Not sure why she is there except to get that good old publicity!


    • Keyna is the prettiest because of her darker skin

  • Kenya is a natural beauty and yes, I do think that they look alike. Beyonce just happen to be younger but I do think Kenya has the best facial features and has the best body.

  • Only in her mind….. no way!!!! What an insult to Beyonce

  • stevie

    I don’t get it. Kenya’s attitude is nasty and I’m not really feeling her personality, but, she and Beyonce look tons a like! Even their figures are similiar, although Kenya appears much taller. The way they wear their hair long is similar at times as well. I can totally see folks thinking she’s Beyonce, or at least an older sister.

  • locaj

    Whoever agree Kenya looks like beyonce , they blind, even with makeup 2 shades lighter she doesn’t, unless it was white people who think all black people look alike. She is so annoying I can’t watch it again. I pray she not so hard up to get married, for real.

  • neutralex

    I think that they are both beautiful women. To me, depending on the hair and make up, there’s somewhat of a resemblance in features. Skin color is not the issue. Beyonce is at least 10 years Kenya’s junior and I’m not speaking about behavior, just features.

  • LaMia Bentley

    NOT EVEN IF YOU SQUINT>>> C’MON now kenya is darker her features are harder than Beyonce … Kenya needs to get some real help now stop lying no one said that to her she will do anything for attention Girl your to old to be lying like that . She needs help in real life !!!!! .

  • Photoshop works wonders…

  • I’m Just Saying

    HELL TO THE NO!!! and I dont even like beyonce.

  • They are just making fun of her! Or it is just those that think all of us look alike,

  • She as well as u all r delusional. Their skin is nothin alike bcuz Beyonce is lighter, & they r different body wise also.

  • If Kenya was lying to herself, the pictures should enlighten her.

  • Laura

    I’m not sure if the people who don’t agree are just in denial or suffer from colorism issues. You can clearly see that Kenya Moore favors Beyonce. If you don’t want to admit it because you don’t like her then fine but to say that there is no resemblance is absurd. Why would anyone even say that Kenya being much darker than Beyonce justifies why they do not look alike? What ever happen to features?

  • Lady

    They have similar features, but Kenya is not very attractive in my opinion. They’re both pretty, but DEFINITELY NOT GORGEOUS…the make up and money and endless grooming help, and her body is nice, when she works out and eats right. But her attitude makes her SO UGLY TO ME. She was a natural beauty when younger, but she has grown ugly with age.

  • Jennys

    Cynthia is the best looking Atlanta housewife, by the way. Her beauty is much more natural and beautiful than Kenya’s. Kenya thinks they’re on the same level, but they are not. Cynthia is a classic beauty (BEAUTIFUL) while Kenya looks cheap and pretty, but like an aging pretty that’s losing it.

  • Donna West-White

    I can see how some people would think they look alike being that they say “All black people look alike”. And from a distance, if you didn’t know them well, being that they are both gorgeous, they do resemble.

  • kassandra reid

    Beyonce’s beauty is not natural or unaltered, but was “purchased” from skilled plastic surgeons, as she has had nose jobs and other work done. All women would be equally poised to show off their most beautiful selves, if they were in a position to buy it just as she has done. Any discussion on beauty should be referring to natural beauty, that which one is born with. As such, your arguments make very little sense!!!!