PHOTOS Bethenny Frankel and daughter Bryn enjoy a day at the park

Bethenny Frankel with daughter Bryn Hoppy at the park

Bethenny Frankel and her daughter Bryn have been living it up lately. The mother-daughter duo has been all over New York City this week having ice cream dates, going for walks, and most recently, visiting a playground. Yesterday, the former Real Housewives of New York City star and her two-year-old tot were spotted at a park near her Tribeca home and boy, were they having a ball!

Bryn was lookin’ fly in blazer, some ripped ice cream themed jeans, and sparkly pink Uggs while her millionaire momma wore a drapped blouse and boots. Dare we say that Bryn could be on her way to dethroning Suri Cruise as the Best Dressed NYC Celebrity Kid? Maybe not yet, but she’s only 2. Give her some time.

Bethenny Frankel's daughter Bryn Hoppy

Bryn spent most of the visit playing with her stuffed doll, which she carried around and at one point put in her jacket. Can you believe how big she’s getting?! It feels like just yesterday when a seven-months pregnant Bethenny walked down the aisle with Jason Hoppy.

Recent photo of Bethenny Frankel's daughter Bryn Hoppy

Speaking of Jason, we haven’t been seeing much of him and Bethenny in the past few months. In fact, the last time they were seen together publicly was back in July. Since then, Jason was photographed just once, with his daughter in New York City, but there was no sign of Bethenny.

Over the summer, Bethenny told In Touch Weekly that she and her husband were living separately — but just for a couple of months. “Bryn and I spent the last six weeks in the Hamptons playing on the beach. We just had a magical, amazing summer. Jason was in the city working, and it was nice,” she said. “He came on the weekends. It was good for her that we got to do outdoor activities.  It was good for me, because I was ready to crack.”

While Bethenny may be having some trouble in her personal life, her professional life is going great. After a great run in test markets earlier this year, her talk show, Bethenny, has been picked up for national syndication and will begin airing on FOX next year. And what better way to celebrate than a little playground pole dancing?

Bethenny Frankel pole dancing with daughter Bryn at the park

Ah, you gotta love Bethenny! (Unless your name is Jill, Kelly, or ***SIGH*** possibly Jason.)

UPDATE – Well poop on a pine branch! As soon as we mention the scarcity of Jason Hoppy he shows up to pick Bryn up from school with photographers on the scene!

Bethenny Frankel's husband Jason Hoppy and daughter Bryn

On a side note, has anyone ever pointed out that if Bethenny and Jason’s reality show was focused more on him it would be called Hoppyly Ever After? I’m just sayin!

Top photo: Tom Meinelt / Splash News
All other photos: GSNY / Splash News

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  • Glen Daly

    Myself as well as all on-lookers don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. However, there is something intrinsic about Bethenny that somehow you have to respect and admire her, what with her dry wit and incredible one-liners and she just seems to only care about things that are of ultimate importance. It seems like money was never her pure motive, just happiness in regards to her personal life. She just always seems heartfelt. And it’s plainly evident that Bryn means the absolute world to her. I’m very happy for her and hopefully Jason, because it seems his intentions are good as well. May the entire family flourish. Since the beginning of the RHONYC, Bethenny always lifted my mood if my day was off, and I can only say that of mabye three television characters in my life. Best luck to all of you, and I’m sure that little girl will get the most attention and love two parents’ can give! And I relish in the fact that Jill has to take a complete back seat to you, Bethenny, best of all financially. KUDOS. You knocked her down a peg.
    Glen Daly, New Jersey

  • akitawolf1

    The man is hardly mentioned by Bethenny and rarely looks happy.

  • DustiLyn

    BF looks an awful lot like Michael Jackson, especially in the first picture. LOL.

  • Farticia

    LOL Not even kidding before I scrolled down to the complete picture of Bethenny w/ Bryn I just saw Behtenny in the sunglasses and I thought it was Michael Jackson