Brandi Glanville takes high road as LeAnn Rimes sues cyber bullies

LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville together at Mason's soccer game

Just a day after LeAnn Rimes voluntarily entered a 30 day treatment for stress and anxiety the singing star has filed a lawsuit against two women for, “vitriolic cyber bullying.” These women were apparently strong defenders of Brandi Glanville, whose marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian failed after it was discovered he was having an affair with Rimes.

There’s certainly been some public angst between Glanville and Rimes but in this case Brandi, part of the cast of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is supporting Rimes and her decision to seek help. Brandi told Us:

“I totally support LeAnn’s decision to enter rehab — my top priority is my children, and at the end of the day we are a family. LeAnn is their stepmom, and they love her. I am wishing her all the best and I hope she will find what she is looking for while in rehab.”

The lawsuit in question is all about a taped phone conversation by two women that was quickly spread online. In a brief snippet of the recording heard here the following is said:

Unidentified Twitter bully: What has Brandi done?

LeAnn Rimes: She’s vindictive as f***ing sh!t. Don’t tell me that’s okay.”

According to multiple accounts it was LeAnn who contacted the lady in hopes of tamping down the abuse she felt she was unjustly receiving via Twitter. By California law all parties involved have to consent to be recorded during a phone conversation.

The legal documents stated in part that the two women, identified by their fictitious names Kimberly and Lexi Smiley, “conspired to spitefully ensure that out-of-context excerpts of that recording would be disseminated to the public.” Rimes attorney Larry Stein told Celebuzz:

“There has been this cyber-bullying that has been going on for a considerable period of time. Apparently, most of this started when LeAnn started dating Eddie Cibrian … These women [on Twitter] have been merciless — vitriolic in their attacks. Like most celebrities, Rimes didn’t like it, but she hoped things would get better. They don’t understand who she is or who she stands for.”

What a mess! I applaud Brandi’s reaction as well as LeAnn’s desire to get help for whatever problems are dogging her. She made herself very public being one of the most tweeting celebs around but that still doesn’t excuse direct threats etc… from detractors.

I think the tell-tale sign in regards to LeAnn’s treatment will be if her Twitter account gets deleted. It’s a shame it has come to that but for the sake of her mental health and the children involved it would be for the best.

  • Jane

    Leann Rimes needs to chill! Just LOOK at the picture above and all you see is a woman filled with such hate and guilt that she is helping promote all the bullying that she is getting. She really has some issues! I feel confident that her new husband threatened to leave her if she didn’t get help, so this is what sent her into another downward spiral. I know little about her and could care less, but it is very obvious every time I see her, she is all bent out of shape with some kind of nervous, abnormal reaction as if the whole world is watching her. For the most part, no one cares!

    • Not a Smiley

      For knowing so little about her, you seem pretty confident that you know how she thinks and how her husband treats her. You are no different than the “Smiley’s”.

  • Oh please. LeAnn is nuts and she looks like a monkey. Any issues she has, she asked for.

  • Caroline

    I think its interesting to note that I’ve read this story on a couple different sites and saw that the “Smiley” woman was called a bully without proof and Leann the victim despite being the one who called the Smiley person and both cursed at her and about Brandi Glanville.

    Radar Online says that the Smiley person admits her twitter account is private and that Leann has had her blocked for years. so how is it bullying if you call someone, curse at them, then complain about tweets you cant see on a private account.

    I can no longer ever be a fan of Leann over this nonsense. She is 30 years old, “stomping out her 20s”, yet acting like a 13 year old having myspace drama.

  • Allison

    Glanville should’ve sued her for homewrecking! God she’s ugly.

  • GalPal

    She slept with a married man. Tries to come across as all innocent. You reap what you sow. I just can’t believe that she is the same woman who sung Blue, which I absolutely loved. Innocent no more.