Stephanie Link of The Glass House resolve strengthened after tragic loss of husband

Stephanie Link The Glass House

If the courts let it happen, ABC’s re-visioned version of Big Brother, The Glass House, is set to premiere in a week. They have released some cast information on the contestants vying for $250,000, first name only, and one of the competitors is Stephanie, a scientist from Boston.

The Bean-Town lady’s full name is Stephanie Link and here’s a portion of how she describes herself via ABC’s bio:

I’m always up for any new experience and I don’t worry too much about what other people think of it. Other experiences in my life have made it clear to me that each day can literally be your last and I try to really LIVE every day and be the most genuine me possible. That has led me to the randomness of finding myself entering this show. I’m excited about the challenge of the competition, the dynamics of living with complete strangers, and ultimately about proving that my skills and experience can translate to winning the $250,000 prize.

For The Glass House it is all about viewer participation as we, the watching public, decide who stays and who goes home. In addition we have the power on many occasions to decide how these caged reality-rats eat, sleep and function in general. In this vein, friends of those on the show are launching fan sites etc… encouraging people to get the vote out.

Stephanie from The Glass House

This is certainly the case for Stephanie but her story isn’t all laughs as a thoughtful friend revealed in her blog post entitled, “Triumph After Tragedy… and Helping a Friend.” It is from this post where we learn exactly where Stephanie is coming from when she says, “Other experiences in my life have made it clear to me that each day can literally be your last.”

Stephanie’s friend reveals that they both fell madly in love and got married. The blog poster moved to the U.S. while Stephanie moved overseas with her husband. This is where the tragedy part comes in:

One morning, her husband Tim complained of a stomach ache. The doctors’ efforts were futile, and Tim passed away eighteen hours later. Less than 24 hours between blissful happiness, and the worst kind of tragedy one could imagine. She was only 28 years old when it happened.

Stephanie is currently 32 and her friend listed a number of reasons as to why you should be all about Stephanie:

Stephanie The Glass House

-> She’s a ray of sunshine in the lives of everyone who meets her.

-> She’s perky and bubbly and energetic, without making you hate her for it.

-> She’s a friend.

-> Because she’s awesome.

-> Because you can identify with her story.

-> Because you want to cheer on a good person.

-> Because you love women in the sciences.

-> Because you love smart chicks.

-> Intends to self finance her way through a Ph.D if she should win the $250,000.


If you’re all about team Stephanie, here are some links you can use to show your support:

Here is Stephanie’s intro video courtesy of CBS:

Good luck to Stephanie on her new adventure inside The Glass House.

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  • Barry Austern

    I knew Tim Link, and was so very happy when the two of them married, thinking them such a perfect match. I’m much older than Steph, and knew her when she (as she herself admitted) was “in diapers.” (She worked for the diaper division of Procter and Gamble at that time.

    All the best of luck, Steph.

  • Millicent

    Thanks for posting Steph’s info accurately. She’s such a joyful person and a solid friend. I’m glad that the nation is having a chance to meet her.

  • Elaine L

    I am Tim’s mom and I think Stephanie is the best thing that ever happened to Tim. She made his last years adventurous and supported his career advancement while she advanced her own career. She is resilient, inventive, positive, and good to the core. She chooses to stay in touch with our family and often puts her own feelings aside to console us. She is a self-made woman who expects the best of everyone around her. Her interests are varied and her curiosity knows no bounds. She is a down-to-earth midwestern girl who is open, sharing, and fun-loving. She used to wear a tee shirt that said “I heart nerds” with a piece of duct tape over the s. We are a science-oriented family, and Steph’s chemistry background fit right in. Tim knew he was going to marry her from the first time he met her at a MENSA gathering. Give Steph a chance. She’s awesome! She and Tim loved travel and F1 racing. Stephanie has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. If she wins and is able to go back to school for her Ph.D, she’ll help humanity in some way. She has already been involved in service works like rehabbing houses in New Orleans.

    • Starcasm Staff

      Elaine – We just wanted to take a minute to say a very special thank you for sharing your feelings about Stephanie. Everything we were able to gather from what friends had to say is that she is indeed a very special person. We look forward to watching her in the world of “reality.”

    • Jennifer

      Tim was a childhood friend of mine and the Links were friends of my family. I heard today the Stephanie is his widow and happened to find this article when I googled about it. Elaine…I was very sorry to hear about Tim, and I hope that your daughter-in-law does well on the show!