PHOTOS American Hoggers’ horsewoman Leah Penick

American Hoggers Leah Penick

When the show American Hoggers first came across my radar I was immediately drawn to Krystal Campbell and for good reason, but now that I’ve been watching my eyes turn more and more to family friend Leah Penick.

I didn’t know jack about hog hunting but thanks to Jerry and his crew I’ve come to appreciate just how important trained animals are in their line of work. Jerry, Krystal and Robert would all tell you they’re washed up without a good pack of hunting dogs. And then there’s Leah and her horses and how they help the Campbell’s maneuver through some pretty treacherous terrain.

American Hoggers Leah Penick

Sometimes when I lay down at bed on a Wednesday night I dream of being a wild boar and Leah comes riding in on one of her regal horses. She catches me and wrestles me to the ground. Then she ties me up and…. Sorry about that :-) . I will say this song is playing in the background and might as well for this post too:

According to the show’s site Leah is an accomplished horsewoman that’s participated in competitive barrel racing. They boast that her handling skills are some of the best in Texas. Just knowing that is gonna make my dreams better / worse! Her skills and horses often come in handy for the Campbells and Jerry says of Krystal that she’d make a fine addition to the family. F-I-N-E fine I’d say.

Leah Penick American Hoggers
Leah Penick of American Hoggers gets her one

Hunting is a way of life for Leah and part of her family heritage. If the hunt’s terrain calls for it, she’s usually there to lend a hand and her stable of horses to get the job done.

Please feel free to click on any of the below thumbnails or the images already in this post for a closer view at one pretty Texan gal!

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  • Wes Peaker


    You probably get a ton of random emails from guys saying “I love you! You are awesome! Etc… “. I am very enamoroured with You and admire you. Granted, I’ve only seen you on American Hoggers but just wanted to send my admiration! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Wes Peaker


    Apologies for another message. I would love to meet you. I’m not a crazy! (I have references :) ). Could I take you to dinner? Or drinks or coffe? I know this is crazy but please check me out.

    Have a good night!


    • Joe Below

      Haha…more like Wes Tweaker amirite?

  • Wes Peaker

    Sorry: is email and phone is 303.478.4400.

  • Robert Thompson

    Lea certainly brings a lot to the program with her common sense approach to different situations. Very focused on what needs to be done in order to get the job done. Hopefully American Hoggers will get year 2 for the program but I would like to see Lea,Crystal and Robert take over.I have the fear that Jerry may get injured.
    On Saturday Dec 3 2011 in my hometown of Douglasville Ga we saw Swamp Men Junior and Willie. Gee Whiz the money they made today with people buying their T-Shirts, Gator heads,caps and many more items. There were more than 5000 people lined up just to get their autographs and pictures. Few weeks ago we had Ray and his son in Carrollton Ga doing the same thing to raise money for a High School Athletic Association.

    Thanks History Channel for all the new great programs.

    I also sent Lea a few pictures of a Giant Boar which I had been told was killed in Mo but was corrected that it was killed in some other country. That boar weighed approximately 1800 lbs.

  • Joe Below

    Lea = sexy TX mammajamma !



  • Brad

    Very hot woman

  • Beau

    I can’t decide which one I like better–Krystal or Lea. Both are smoking hot.

  • worky

    Lea i agree with wes i would love to meet you give me a call 309-798-4612 or text me my name is Gary “Worky” Workheiser

  • Edd Gaines

    Lea, you are a fine lady, I enjoy you very much. How do you
    ladies keep from getting hurt catcing them hogs? I would like
    to come to Texas and go hog hunting with you’all some day.
    Is that possible? Respectfully Yours, Edd Gaines