PHOTOS Nicki Minaj wears pink fried chicken wing necklace to I Heart Radio music festival

Nicki Minaj wears a hot pink fried chicken wing necklace to I Heart Radio music festival

Rapper Nicki Minaj is no stranger to eccentric fashion choices, and her choice of cleavage bling for the I Heart Radio music festival this weekend is something you have to KFC to believe! Perhaps inspired by Lady Gaga’s famous meat dress, Nicki accessorized with a bit of protein of her own with a hot pink fried chicken wing necklace!

Let’s take a closer look at Miss Chicken Neck shall we?

Controversial hot pink fried chicken wing necklace worn by Nicki Minaj zoomed photo

This edible necklace thing could spark a whole new trend in fashion accessories, which scares me to death because the last thing men need is yet another reason to drool over women’s body parts. I swear, if someone invents a Fig Newton bikini I’m moving to a cave in the mountains.

Until then, let’s check out a couple more photos of Nicki modeling her dark meat:

Nicki Minaj wears a pink chicken wing to the I Heart Radio music festival Nicki Minaj sports a split blond afro and a pink fried chicken wing necklace

(Did this necklace remind anyone else of Bob Dylan’s famous harmonica neck bracket? The only difference is that instead of Dylan blowin’ on a harp, I see Nicki Minaj nibblin’ on a chicken wing. “The answer my friend, is fryin’ in the pan…”)

Fried Chicki Minaj has stirred up a great deal of debate with her controversial necklace because of the stereotypes associated with the food. So what do you think, was Nicki’s brain fried when she made this fowl fashion faux pas or is her choice to wing it on the red carpet just another silly moment in Minaj’s extensive history of red carpet eccentricity?

Here’s a looooooong last look to help you make up your mind…

Nicki Minaj at the 2011 I Heart Radio Music Festival wearing a chicken wing necklace

Top two photos: Jen Lowery / Splash News
All other photos: Judy Eddy / WENN.

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  • Mandy

    The lengths people will go for attention is mind boggling. She looks like a damn idiot. The hair, the makeup, the contacts, the facial expressions, the stupid accessories. She just looks horribly desperate. The only thing she can wear is tights or leggings because she pumped her ass full of silicone. Her look does not = “edgy” or “artsy”. We already have lady gaga and she is annoying enough.

  • lol

    She tries too hard to be like Lady Gaga. She wants to wow or shock everyone just like Gaga but what Nicki fails to understand is that Gaga does it with style in mind not ridiculous in mind.

  • jacque

    i think nicki does what she wants. and prbly doesn’t give a f*ck what anyone says. i wouldn’t…

  • Chelsea

    how the f*ck does nicki try to be like lady gaga? lady gaga dresses like a mother effin scrambled egg, yet a chicken wing necklace is just 10x less stylish? right okay that makes PERFECT sense.
    Lady Gaga is flippin bonkers, nicki just doesn’t give 2 sh!ts and says exactly how she feels, lady gag is pumped up on flippin drugs!

  • Skylar

    Who designed that dress?i love it!

  • DeathBunny2000


    @Chelsea, you’re nuts – obviously this young lady wants the same kind of weird attention gaga gets. Also, gaga didn’t start out as crazy, but ‘got there’. She wore lobster glasses, and this is a chicken wing necklace on somebody with eyes like a lunatic.

  • Alex

    why does she make these idiot facial expressions? can’t she just smile to the camera or something? pathetic chick.