Miley Cyrus calls Casey Anthony a murderer in defense of gay marriage

Miley Cyrus twitter image

The internet exploded yesterday with an overwhelming outrage at the not guilty verdict handed down in the sensational murder trial of Casey Anthony. Celebrities were no different including Miley Cyrus who went after the young woman who our justice system has not guilty as a means to speak out in favor of equal rights for gay marriage in California.

Miley, who as an adult, is constantly judged based on a media bias to over analyze anything she does because she came to fame under the wholesome image of Hannah Montana, unleashed the following tweet in regards to the verdict:

I’m a little surprised to read this from someone who is found guilty by the press and in general the public as an over-sexualized performer because of their embedded image of her as a Disney teen starlet. She sings about breaking these notions and argues that the world doesn’t understand her but feels free to state as a matter-of-fact that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter.

Today an alternate juror in the case, Russell Huekler, stated to Good Morning America without hesitation that he would have found Casey not guilty too based on the laws of our land. He said the prosecution did not prove there was even a murder, how young Caylee died, or a motive that would have led what he viewed based on the prosecution’s witnesses (outside the influence of the media) to be a good mother to kill her child. There was no hesitation or doubt for Huekler. That speaks volumes, I believe, as to the state of the case that played out in the court and not on television.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I happen to support gay marriage equality rights just like Miley. I’m just a little surprised she was so emphatic in her judgment of Casey Anthony in light of how the star is constantly judged herself under the same harsh and biased glare of the media.

I must state for the record that Miley did not specifically mention Casey but I don’t believe it’s too big of a leap to conclude that the case is what she was referring to.

  • Motivation

    Miley needs to shut up. She has NO room to talk.I hope everyone knows she’s a skank. Three words for ya’ll – prostitute in training.

  • J

    I don;t see what the issue is with what she said. It is what I was thinking.

    • Lisha

      Exactly what I was thinking. And @ Motivation, Miley can always stop being skanky and clean up her act, but you can never change slaughtering your baby daughter. I hope Casey Anthony rots in hell where she belongs.

  • Brie

    chicks an idiot and has no idea what shes talking about. i doubt shes been following the trial and has any idea on anything that went on with it. she just wants to look good and sound smart, which OVIOUSLY shes NOT. gay marriage has nothing to do with murder and should not be compared. someone slap her already. dumb hypocrite

  • Jenn

    I’m with Miley on this one but I do agree with her being a skank. I’m 24 years old and I don’t show off as nearly as much skin as she does.

  • david

    It took Anthony more than a month to report her child missing. You’ve got to be an idiot if you think she’s innocent. She obviously killed her kid, though I do agree that it’s debatable whether the ruling was correct in proving reasonable doubt.