What is Ballet Bodies, Taylor Swift’s fitness fad?

Ballet Bodies - Taylor Swift Fitness

Even though Taylor Swift picked singing over becoming a ballerina long ago, she continues to dance as a hobby — and effective workout method: She was photographed this week leaving the Los Angeles-based Ballet Bodies studio.

As the Ballet Bodies’ website explains, it’s not a traditional dance studio: “Ballet Bodies was developed with the idea that physical fitness should be imparted by those who have learned to master the art of body awareness and aesthetic change.”

The concept was created by former New York City Ballet dancer Andie Hecker in 2008. Each session integrates Pilates, personal training and ballet to “create an aesthetic as long, lean and graceful as a dancer’s.”

Ballet Bodies

Even before Taylor, the method earned significant celebrity praise.

“Andie Hecker does the most fun sweaty workouts, and the next day you’re all toned,” Black Swan star Natalie Portman said, according to the Ballet Bodies website. Other celebrity endorsers include Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gennifer Goodwin and Christina Ricci.

Public classes offered include “reformers,” mat ballet, cardio jazz and “jumps.” (The last one involves personal trampolines!) Unfortunately for those eager to sign up, the group classes are only offered at the Los Angeles studio at this point. Plus, a single pass to an hour-long grout workout costs $25…

Would you try a Ballet Bodies class?

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