VIDEO ‘Extreme Cougars’ return to TLC with Extreme Cougar Wives Aug 14

TLC Extreme Cougar Wives Jane and Andrew

Last November TLC introduced television viewers to the world of “extreme cougars” with their documentary-style special of the same name featuring three ladies not afraid to “rob the cradle” so to speak by dating men much younger than themselves. The show was such a big success the network is bringing the concept back with two brand new hour-long Extreme Cougar Wives specials airing August 14 and 21 at 9:30/8:30c featuring six new “extreme cougars” ranging in age from 50 to 89!

Here is a preview clip featuring Jane, 59, and her hubby Andrew, 27, showing off their fondness for Civil War reenactments and, well, just being really damn horny:

“Oh, our first night together was just amazing,” Jane says giggling in the beginning of the video. “It was everything I could’ve ever hoped out of any sort of romantic and sexual encounter. It was like all my fantasies were fulfilled.”

The clip then cuts to Jane and Andrew in their Civil War attire with Jane rubbing Andrew’s “big brass buttons.” Andrew smooches at her and Jane replies by saying seductively, or trying to say seductively, “We all know that artillery men know how to make a big boom.” From there it goes into Andrew talking about Jane’s soft derriere and then what can only be described as corset foreplay.

TLC Extreme Cougar Wives Jane Civil War reenactor artillery man knows how to make a big boom

I had to doublecheck to make sure that wasn’t the wrong TLC clip because that looked more like a Virgin Diaries preview than Extreme Cougar Wives! I also thought for a second it might be an old clip of one of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady skits from SNL.

All I can say is I’m glad they found each other.

(On a side note, I think TLC just needs to abandon all their unique show concepts and meld them all together for a singular end-of-television broadcasting event titled The 900-Pound Extreme Breaking Cougar Bad Virgin Tattoo and Tiaras!)

Here’s the full press release from TLC with info on the other “extreme cougars” and their husbands that will be featured on the shows:

Two special episodes airing Wednesday, August 14th & Wednesday, August 21st at 9:30PM ET/PT

In 2012, TLC took you inside the world of confident and sexy cougars and the unique relationships they kept with their much younger mates. The network announced today two new additional episodes of TLC’s EXTREME COUGAR WIVES, airing Wednesday August 14th and Wednesday August 21st at 9:30 ET/PT following six women who have pounced on men nearly half their age. Proving that love knows no age limits, the TLC specials take you behind generational lines for an inside look into these cougars’ dens. With their young cubs by their side, these women prove that the multi-generational dating scene is alive and thriving. While friends and family may disapprove, these vivacious women keep living life the way they want. From awkward family introductions to a couple who are turned on by their Civil War reenactments, this diverse pack delivers some wild moments on TLC’s EXTREME COUGAR WIVES.

Meet the cougars:

Jane – age 59, lives with her cub in their eclectic San Jose, California home. She met her husband Andrew, 27, five years ago and they found a shared perspective on life. Once their relationship began, there was no stopping them. Whether they’re on the battlefield reenacting the Civil War with their cannons, feeding their chickens, caring for their silkworms, or exploring a new passion, this odd couple does absolutely everything together.

Loma – age 70 With three ex-husbands, four children, eight grandchildren and a career in nursing behind her, Dallas cougar Loma is determined to live the rest of her days by her own set of rules. If a young guy wants to “buck” her, then bring it on! From her leopard print bras to her outrageous blonde wigs, young men are smitten by her pizzazz, and this cougar will stop at nothing to get exactly what (and who) she wants.

Sherri – age 50, is a self-proclaimed serial cougar living in Chicago. Sherri was married for many years to a more “age-appropriate” mate, but never was truly happy until she met her current boyfriend, Desmond, 26. This interracial couple met when they were both at a self-development seminar, each trying to better themselves and make the most of their lives. They are creative and musical, and Sherri is helping Desmond write songs and make music. These two truly believe they are soul mates.

Kathy – age 54, is a scantily-clad rock-n-roll cougar in Los Angeles who lives her life to the absolute max and has a penchant for dating young musicians who have that rocker look. Kathy met the new man in her life, Brad, 25, while she was pursuing his cousin, a drummer in a hot local band. Brad couldn’t resist Kathy’s humor and blatant sex appeal, and they soon got hot and heavy. Brad is a little too clean-cut by Kathy’s normal standards, but she’s looking forward to teaching him a few tricks between the sheets.

Jeraldine – age 89, met her devoted cub, an ex-bodybuilder Donaldo, 46, at a society luncheon in Beverly Hills when he was only 19 years old. Years later, after Jeraldine’s husband passed, they reconnected and started dating. She immediately felt a strong attraction to the tall and handsome Guatemalan, and knew that he would be an important part of her life. Eleven happy years later, Donaldo hasn’t left his cougar’s side. He takes care of her as she ages, and seems unfazed by the fact that the love of his life is about to turn 90.

Gale – age 55, met her cub Ian, 23, in a coffee shop parking lot two years ago. Gale may seem like an odd match for Ian, but the love between the two is undeniable. Ian absolutely dotes on her, calling her his “munchkin”, telling her how pretty she is, and getting jealous whenever she talks to another man. Recently engaged, Gale has moved her and her 14 year old daughter, Alyssa, to New Hampshire to be with her new fiancé Ian.

Witness these cougars hang onto their youth only on TLC’s Extreme Cougar Wives, produced by STILETTO Television.

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