VIDEO Brittany Murphy’s last film finally gets a release date


More than four years after her death, Brittany Murphy’s final film officially has a release date.

Something Wicked will make its premiere in Eugene, Oregon, at the Regal Valley River Center 15 on April 4. The location was chosen to honor the town where the psychological thriller was filmed in 2009. From Eugene, the movie is then slated for other showtimes at regional Regal cinemas in Oregon and Washington.

Murphy plays a psychiatrist who gets wrapped up in trying to uncover the forces behind a young couple’s devolving relationship. For a sample of the feel of the film, here’s an exclusive deleted scene briefly featuring Brittany shared via Something Wicked’s official YouTube page:

Producer and screenwriter Joe Colleran told USA Today in 2011, “There’s an important scene where her character is unraveling and she spent a long time getting ready and focused and went for it. Personally, I think it’s one of the best scenes of her career.”

The producers hope to be able to bring the film to a national audience. Whether this distribution will happen or not depends partly on the success of its opening run in the northwest.

Murphy died at the age of 32 in December 2009 from pneumonia, anemia and multiple drug intoxication – according to the coroner’s official findings.

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