Reporter punches Cowboy Batman videobomber during live shot

TV2 Sports Director Mike Zambelli was filming a live report from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania’s Musikfest when some bespectacled dude decided he’d crash his shot with a videobomb. Cowboy Batman made a poor decision!

The video featuring the audio of the demolition has been scrubbed but according to those who caught the clip, Cowboy Batman blurted out some expletives while trying to hug up on Mike. Mike’s fist had other ideas…

When asked about his reaction Zambelli simply stated, “He startled me, so I reacted. He ran off …. It’s not a big deal.”

I’m particularly impressed with Zambelli’s acumen at holding his papers and mic while still landing a crushing blow.

Bethlehem police Chief Mark Diluzio said the video did not result in a report to police. He did acknowledge that it was “hilarious.”