PHOTOS VIDEOS Angela Kinsey as Gigi for Clairol Nice N’ Easy

The Office's Angela Kinsey for Clairol

For the most part we try to be impartial here at Starcasm but when it comes to The Office star Angela Kinsey we’ll fight you if you’ve got anything bad to say.  Well maybe not fight, but we wouldn’t like it too much because we are simply in love with Miss Kinsey!

Angela the angel has taken on the role of Gigi, “everyone’s favorite guardian girlfriend” in a commercial campaign for Clairol Nice N’ Easy which is now the only hair coloring product we use if we’d put fancy looking stuff in our hair which we don’t.  This post will be a clearing house for all things Angela Kinsey as Gigi because the longer I work on this the more I get to fawn over my girl. 

Yes I know these commercials have been around for a while but she still is Gigi and this still means more Angela Kinsey time so I’m running with it here folks!

Angela Kinsey as Gigi

Lets check out all the videos uploaded to YouTube for the Gigi campaign:

Angela Kinsey as your Guardian Girlfriend in a Clairol Nice ‘n Easy hair color commercial:

Angela Kinsey interview as Gigi, Clairol’s guardian girlfriend:

Angela Kinsey interview on being Gigi for Clairol:

Angela Kinsey as your Guardian Girlfriend in a Clairol Root Touch-Up hair color commercial:

Angela Kinsey bloopers from Clairol Nice ‘n Easy TV commercial:

I wish Angela would suddenly pop-up behind me in my bedroom as Gigi for some “assistance” but I digress.  At least I will always have those images of Angela in a nurse’s outfit to remember!

Here’s a gallery of screen caps from Angela’s Gigi Clairol campaign.  Click on any of the thumbnails below for some larger Angela glory. Enjoy!

All Images: YouTube