Buckwild’s Shae Bradley bikini photos!

Shae Bradley is armed and ready for Buckwild

Shae Bradley is one of the announced cast members for the upcoming show, Buckwild, which MTV hopes will fill the void left behind by Jersey Shore. Shae is called “The Spicy Southern Belle” and she’s apparently the most desired female in Sissonville, West Virginia.

In the promo trailer released by MTV Shae says, “hey” in two very memorable ways. One is a scene in which our good gal is giving some shirtless dude a tongue bath (I missed out on those as a younger man) and the other is her doing a little target practice at some melons. Speaking of Shae’s melons (professional here), I managed to find a rare photo of our gal in a bikini. So for all you soon-to-be Bradley-lovers here’s a gift just for you, Buckwild style:

Shae Bradley Buckwild bikini photo

Having parsed through my unfair share of Twitter feeds for would be reality stars, I have to say that Shae’s is one of my all time favorites. She’s quick-witted, smart, unapologetic and seems very comfortable in her own skin. More importantly, she posted what very well may be my favorite random reality cast member Twitter photo.

In response to the trend #tweetapictureyoucannotexplain Miss Bradley let the world in on a potential explosion!

You know, she tagged fellow cast mate Ashley Whitt so I have to wonder if that’s Shae or Ashley setting the detonator or doing the detonatin’? Perhaps when the show rolls around on January 3rd we’ll find out!

And here’s another bikini photo of Buckwild‘s Shae Bradley, this one from the opening credits:

Buckwild's Shae Bradley bikini photo from MTV trailer

Shae currently is attending nursing school but alas I have no “Shae in a nursing outfit” pics. Those professional, seriously hard-working peeps wear scrubs these days any old how. I might be biased, but I bet Shae would look just fine in those too.