PHOTO Meet Lisa Ling’s baby daughter Jett

Jett Ling

After suffering miscarriages in 2010 and 2011, TV journalist Lisa Ling and husband Paul Song proudly welcomed baby girl Jett on March 8.

The 39-year-old host of OWN’s Our America With Lisa Ling was surprised when she discovered that she was pregnant with Jett:

“We weren’t trying. My travel schedule is erratic, and I only saw Paul once a month, so it was a shock. We had considered adoption, but we got very lucky. We believe this is the child we were supposed to have.”

The couple was excited about the news but understandably apprehensive. When their baby moved for the first time it was a revelation. “It was incredible — I had never gotten far enough along to feel like anything was in there,” Ling stated. “Paul and I stayed in bed all weekend with our hands on my stomach. It was such a miracle.”

Jett had to be delivered via C-section because the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. “When they held her up, it was probably the most triumphant moment in our marriage. It was like, ‘We made that screaming beast and we’re responsible for her for the rest of our lives!’ It was an incredible bonding moment,” Ling said.

To see more photos of Jett, pick up the May 20 issue of Us Weekly on newsstands.

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