More details emerge about Leah Calvert’s alleged pill problem

Leah Calvert Crying - Alleged Pill Problem

Over the past week a number of startling accusations have surfaced regarding Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert, including husband Jeremy Calvert publicly accusing her of cheating and other sources from her hometown coming forward with claims the Teen Mom 2 star has a serious pill problem.

The latter report was particularly jarring, as a source close to Leah’s family claimed the mother-of-three “can’t go a day without opiates” and has been known to “pop a handful of pills, chew them like they were candy and swallow them.” Now, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup says additional (thoroughly vetted) sources corroborate the reports Leah is addicted to prescription painkillers — and has been since 2009.

“She was snorting Loratabs in ’09 and messing with Oxy,” said the source, who admitted to taking pills with Leah. The insider claimed Leah’s illegal use of opioids worsened in 2012, before the birth of her third daughter. “She was doing two to six pills a day if not more in 2012… It’s only gotten worse. She has a Percocet problem that she covers up with a prescription. But just because she’s prescribed 30 to 60 pills a month by a doctor doesn’t make it OK to do hundreds.”

Although Leah has allegedly freely experimented with a variety of prescription pills, the source said that seems to be the extent of her drug use.

“Just painkillers and benzos,” the insider said, dismissing rumors Leah used meth.

The source said Leah’s family and close friends have been aware of her problem for a while, but thought covering for the young mom was in her best interest. It’s still unclear how complicit Jeremy was in covering up Leah’s alleged drug use, but The Ashley said he’s had enough of the whole situation with Leah and plans to file for divorce this week. His mom implied last week that he wants to establish grounds for obtaining full custody of the daughter he shares with Leah.

Fellow Teen Mom stars Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans have endured very public battles with drug addiction — and both seem to have come out well on the other side. We hope Leah is also able to get any help she needs.

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