Jennifer Garner’s team accuses Ben Affleck of cheating with nanny Christine Ouzounian, his side hits back


When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner first announced their divorce after 10 years of marriage in late June, both sides had similar stories about how they drifted apart for various reasons. To the surprise of many who have heard rumors of Ben’s wandering eye, there were no major cheating accusations… Until now.

In the new feature story for People, sources close to Jen say she made the decision to divorce after discovering Ben had a months-long affair with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

“She is very angry. To Jen, this is the ultimate betrayal,” an insider said, explaining Jen hoped to make the rocky marriage work until she learned of the affair during a family vacation in June, which Christine also attended.

Christine’s side also says the attractive nanny was sleeping with Ben — and believed they had a “real relationship.” According to those insiders, Christine and Ben often met at Hotel Bel-Air for sex and she told friends she was “in love with him.” Another source told Radar Online Christine even hoped to have Ben’s baby.

“Christine was planning to get pregnant by Ben,” the friend said. “She wanted to be in the ‘family way’ real bad!”

After initial reports of the affair were published, Ben’s representative said he had a strictly “work relationship and friendship” with Christine. However, new photos have many drawing a different conclusion…

Entertainment Tonight reports the photos were taken on July 17, after Jen fired Christine. Christine reportedly tipped off photographers and then spent two hours at Ben’s bachelor pad. (Paired with other recent paparazzi pictures of her, there is no doubt she’s actively playing the game, so to speak.)

Despite the new “evidence,” Ben’s side remains adamant there was “no romantic relationship.”

“Ben’s friendly, but it’s not always meant to be flirty,” a source close to the actor told People in another new article. “This was a very close relationship with someone who was taking care of the most important people in his life. People want to fault him for that.”

Rather, Ben’s sources maintain the marriage ended because of other problems — such as Jen’s “constant nitpicking.” As one said, “When you are made to feel like an inadequate husband over and over again, your friends are going to say maybe this isn’t working out.” The source added he is trying to ignore the negative stories and stay focused on his children.

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