Jaleel White of Urkel fame stars in Hulu’s ‘Fake It Til You Make It’

Though he will always be remembered as the mega-goofy, suspender-sporting Steve Urkel from the popular sitcom Family Matters, actor Jaleel White is moving on with a successful new Hulu-based show called Fake It Til You Make It. In addition to writing and producing the show, White stars as Reggie Culkin, a 33-year-old child star who mentors three Hollywood hopefuls. The episodes run about 5 minutes each and premiere each Tuesday on Hulu. Here is the first episode – be warned that there is some adult language:

In an interview with Parade Jaleel White discussed his new show and, of course, Urkel:

Look out for some familiar faces:
“We have some amazing guest stars. We have a huge cameo by Rashad Evans, who just beat Rampage in the UFC fight last week. We have a great episode with Wayne Brady, and Debbie Allen gives us a remarkable episode.”

In it for the long haul:
“The thing that I’m really focused on right now is creating a collection of characters that different generations will say, ‘Well I like this one better and I like that one better.’ There are certain people who know Robert De Niro for Meet the Parents and others who will go, ‘No, that’s Taxi Driver’ and that’s the way good entertainers should be.”

He’s no one-note wonder:
“Any role I’ve ever played or ever will play, I just want it to be authentic. I feel like the only thing I’m guilty of in my past is actually acting. I couldn’t be further removed as a real person from the characters that I’ve played. At the rate that Hollywood hands out opportunities, I could be dead before anybody realizes how many characters I really can play.”

“Child star” seems to be a harder fame road and ruins more lives than “rock star” so I’m glad to see White doing well and continuing on with his career. I watched all three episodes that are up on Hulu for the show and it’s pretty entertaining.  You can follow along with Fake It Til You Make It at the show’s page here.

Top Photo : Byron Purvis/AdMedia