Is ‘Kick-Ass’ star Aaron Johnson (19) engaged to a 43 year old?


The movie ‘Kick-Ass’ is doing just that at the box office right now and one of its stars, Aaron Johnson, is kicking ass and making babies in Cougar town.  Johnson is engaged to his very pregnant fiancee, 43 year old British artist Sam Taylor-Wood.  The pair were photographed above at the premier of ‘Kick-Ass’ on April 13th in Los Angeles.

So how did these two meet?  Was it a juicy babysitter romance, a teacher-student relationship that “just grew”, a “son I’ve got to run to get some groceries if you would show my friend here where the wine is please” moment?  No this is Hollywood, the two met on the set of Taylor-Woods directorial debut Nowhere Boy of course.  Johnson played a young John Lennon in Nowhere Boy and according to accounts the two hit it off immediately, love love me do, I wanna hold your hand etc.

This is the trailer for Nowhere Boy:

So what does Johnson have to say about the age gap?  He went right to the old play book.

“I’m an old soul and she’s a young soul.”

This ain’t Taylor-Wood-Cougar’s first baby making rodeo.  She is a mother of two from her eleven-year marriage to art dealer Jay Jopling.  Her oldest child is 13 year old Angelica, this write up is all about the numbers apparently.  Sam has some pretty great stuff in her collection.  I found this cool photograph taken by her at

Taylor-Wood is also a two time survivor of cancer (colon and breast).  I can see what young Johnson sees in Sam so who knows maybe it will last.  Age is just a number right?