Evan Rachel Wood casts out demons with sage and tiger’s eye


Evan Rachel Wood isn’t just a badass on HBO’s Westworld, she’s also prepared to fight demons in real life. The 29-year-old actress told Cosmopolitan UK that she never goes anywhere without some sage and tiger’s eye to help with “cleaning demons out of places.”

If you believe in mysticism, the tiger’s eye gem can supposedly ward off any type of hex or negative witchcraft and keep away demons and every other kind of dead spirit that may be learning around.

Burning sage, often called “smudging” sage is a pretty trendy practice these days. It’s supposed to clean a room of “negative energy,” but might also as likely work as a kind of placebo effect to get a fresh start in a place.

Wood has also recently garnered headlines for her impassioned Comic Con talk about how her role as Dolores on Westworld has helped her tackle past trauma and transform as a person.

“It was so fulfilling, especially because as women, a lot of the time you feel like your wings are being clipped and you’re not being represented the way you want to and this was like someone had given me the f**kin condor wings and I got to take off and fly!” she said. “I’m tearing up talking about it, because . . . to go on that journey with her, learn things about myself and put my own experiences into what she’s going through. And, using that as a vehicle to work through my own repressed memories or trauma and breaking out and coming through the other side was transformative — and fun.”

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