Does Robin Thicke’s new music video explain some of Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance?

Robin Thicke Miley Cyrus VMA Performance

It certainly seemed like Miley Cyrus’ performance during Sunday night’s VMAs was inexplicable. However, a quick look at Robin Thicke’s new music video, Give It 2 U, reveals Miley’s moves weren’t quite as random as many viewers believed.

In fact, the Give It 2 U music video has multiple commonalities with Miley’s VMA performance. Watch it here and then we’ll break it down…

In many ways, the “explicit” video is more tame than the VMA performance. Still, it does include some hard-core twerking, à la Miley — although it was less bending over and more actual booty poppin’.

Robin Thicke Give It 2 U Twerking

Foam fingers also play a prominent role in the video. Unlike Miley’s suggestive gesturing, the music video foam fingers were used for the more traditional waving and cheering.

Robin Thicke Give It 2 U Foam Finger

Finally, Robin wore the same Beetlejuice-inspired suit during the video.

Robin Thicke Beetlejuice Suit

Even with these motifs considered, the VMA performance just comes off as frenetic. In contrast, Robin’s video was well choreographed and impressive. (Remind us to look up videos of the Alabama State Stingettes and Albany Passionettes!)

Do you think Robin’s music video helps validate Miley’s VMA routine?

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