New Candie’s ads called inappropriate for featuring Disney’s Bella Thorne, 16, in bra

New images for Candie’s, a fashion line aimed at girls aged 7-24, show Disney starlet Bella Thorne, 16, striking sultry poses in a bra and swimsuit.

Although the campaign’s theme is “always look on the pink side of life,” the pictures have some experts seeing red.

“Candie’s isn’t selling clothes, it’s selling sex,” Katie Yoder, of the Culture and Media Institute, told FOX411. “Thorne sends the message that being feminine has nothing to do with being genuine and that confidence means popping your hips and shaking your butt.”

Beyond the threat of warping young girls’ concepts of femininity, there’s also the fact these pictures are out there for some creeps to ogle. (I say “fact,” because there are already several forum threads devoted to her bikini shots.)

That being said, this seems more like a poor judgment call on the part of Candie’s and/or Bella’s managers. Sure, sexy ads may be Candie’s modus operandi — with previous ones featuring Britney Spears in magenta swimsuits, Fergie with an exposed midriff and Lea Michele in a ultra-minidress. But, who at Candie’s thought it would be ok to use their youngest model for their most revealing styles?

Do you think the new Candie’s ads are inappropriate?

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