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Zola’s story update: Jess tells her side of the story in depth!

The internet is still obsessed with Zola's story, a thoughtful (and supposedly true) take on Thelma and Louise involving a 48-hour trip to Florida that included stripping, trapping (aka prostitution), homicide, human trafficking, and attempted suicide -- all told 140 characters at a time via the @_zolarmoon Twitter account. But it appears that Zola's story is merely Thelma's account of what took place. Now the Louise in this epic tale (aka Jess) is speaking out at length about what really went down on their strip trip to the Sunshine State!

Zola’s story update: Jess currently pregnant, promises ‘real story’ soon

In case you missed it, the biggest summer action/thriller blockbuster of 2015 isn't in the theaters–it's on Twitter, courtesy of user @_zolarmoon. Now being called simply "Zola's story," the epic tale of Zola's ill-fated overnight trip to Florida with a woman she met while waitressing at Hooters includes ***SPOILER ALERT*** stripping, prostitution, kidnapping, homicide, and even a poorly executed balcony leap. Keep reading to get the response from Jess, the main character from Zola's story who reportedly did more trapping in one night than Grizzly Adams did in a lifetime! Oh, and did I mention Jess is currently pregnant?