Note to self: Don’t break into LL Cool J’s house when he’s home

Early this morning some idiot thought it would be a good idea to invade the Los Angeles residence of living legend LL Cool J while the seriously stout rapper was at home.

Said suspect entered the Cool J castle around 2AM but he wasn’t good enough at being bad to even keep quiet and alerted LL to his presence.

Cool J and his muscles were upstairs when they heard something going on. He made his way downstairs and came face to face with the would be robber. Further indicating the criminal’s criminal ineptitude, he had set off the security system but LL didn’t bother with all of that. 44-year-old James Todd Smith, LL’s birth name, went hand-to-hand with the invader and subdued his backside until the cops arrived.

Turns out that J is fine but the dude who’s going back to the Cali pokey – man I do think so – had a few bruises from his run in with the man.


Photo: Johnny Louis/