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Tammie from Cajun Pawn Stars

Tammie DeRamus may be the daughter of Silver Dollar Pawn’s Jimmie “Big Daddy” DeRamus but the Cajun Pawn Star brunette knows just about as much in regards to the business and could sell sawdust to a lumber mill.

I thought I’d do a little profile on the woman who is a pawn store lifer and runs the day to day operations of Silver Dollar Pawn and Jewelry.

Tammie was brought up in the business by her mom and dad and made her first $1,000 pawn at the tender age of 9-years-old. Since the time, the strong headed gal has seen it all. She’s a real hard worker and a tough manager but when you’re tasked with keeping a 20,000sf pawn store that boasts over 100,000 items in order along with managing the staff I don’t see any other way to be.

Silver Dollar has a few posted samples of their regional advertising spots in Central Louisiana where Tammie calls home. From the clips uploaded it looks like Tammie is the featured pitch woman in most of the ads. Here is a sample of two of her hard sells to the good people of Louisiana:

First up Tammie convinces her customers that they can make your holiday jewelry wishes come true.

And here’s a little bit longer clip in which Tammie chats with Susan Johnson from the local FOX affiliate about guns.

Tammie is a 1993 graduate of Menard Memorial High School in Alexandria. As far as what’s her favorite when it comes to the many things housed at Silver Dollar it’s all about the firearms baby.

“My favorite items are actually the guns, I like the high powered, you know semi-automatics military style weapons.”

Cajun Pawn Stars Tammie

And as far as the fame that this show is sure to bring to the DeRamus family and Tammie. Don’t think for a second it will change her.

“I am who I am and that’s not going to change.”

A pretty gal that knows her guns and keeps a tight ship. Yeah, it’s safe to say I like me some Tammie D!

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