Amanda Bynes goes on alleged NYC shoplifting spree


The seemingly daily bad news for Amanda Bynes rolls on as it’s being reported that the actress was caught up in two separate alleged shoplifting incidents yesterday in New York City.

TMZ reports that Bynes was caught by security at Barneys on Madison Avenue after she walked out of the store with a $200 hat on her head that she did not pay for. They brought Bynes back in where witnesses said she was “acting crazy.” Officers arrived shortly thereafter but security from the store had already let her leave.

Sources said that Bynes told Barneys that she was being chased out of the store and that she grabbed the hat to hide her face. She insisted that she had no intention of stealing the hat and they allowed her to leave but required her to sign an agreement that resulted in her being banned from the business moving forward.

At another store called Pookie & Sebastian, employees started following her around because she was acting suspicious. They said they didn’t know her identity and that Bynes just seemed like another “half-naked, homeless crackhead.”

Customers said that Bynes was dancing around and rambling out loud about plastic surgery. She eventually tried to dash with a shirt tucked underneath her arms but was stopped. When she was asked if she intended on paying for the merchandise she was alleged to have said, “Do I really have to buy this?”

She ponied up for the $128 top with a credit card.

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