REPORT Joe Jonas’ heroin addiction is out of control, fueled by girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler

Joe Jonas and Blanda Eggenschweiler

One week after the Jonas Brothers world tour was canceled due to “a deep rift within the band,” multiple sources are reporting Joe Jonas’ heroin addiction is the real problem.

According to Blind Gossip, Joe dabbled in heroin in the past, but developed a full-blown addiction after he began dating illustrator Blanda Eggenschwiler (pictured together above in September). Joe and Blanda previously made news together when it was reported they made a graphic sex tape together and were filmed doing drugs. Joe’s reps denied the existence of the tape and nothing ever surfaced.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry verified the report with an inside source and added the Jonas family is so desperate to keep the addiction a secret they don’t even want Joe to enter rehab.

That plan may have backfired after Joe was pictured with a known addiction specialist in Los Angeles: TMZ identified Joe’s new companion as Mike Bayer, the founder of CAST Recovery Services and former aide to Demi Lovato. Based on CAST Recovery Services’ website, Mike is an interventionist who has more than a decade of experience in the addiction and mental health field.

“Mike and his team at CAST understand the personal and confidential needs required to support high-profile clients at home or at work in order to minimize disruption to their careers,” his bio explains.

The Jonas family hasn’t addressed the reports.

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  • LaLa84

    Not so PG anymore, huh?

    I just can’t understand why anyone would think, “Damn I think it sounds like a great idea to inject these nasty chemicals into my veins”?! Good times!

    • Stefani

      Seriously! Everyone knows what heroin does. EVERYONE. What do people really think is going to happen when you’re constantly hearing of celebrity overdoses and deaths?

    • you.

      I don’t think one wakes up saying “Yes, today I will start injecting chemicals in my veins!” Clearly you don’t know anyone personally who has struggled with this substance. It starts out just taking a few pain killers “for fun” which then turns one needs to double that amount to “have fun” which then turns into one needs to triple that amount to not get sick and the downward spiral continues to… heroin. Cheap and easiest way not to get sick and feel like death. It is an awful thing for one to go through or to witness your loved one go through. I hope you never have to see it LaLa because if you do your words may be different.

      • Nathan

        And, still, at some point someone has to make the conscience choice to inject themselves with heroin. So, yes, at some point someone does have to wake up and say “today I will start injecting chemicals in my veins.”

        • you.

          To a degree you are correct. However, it is normally a slow progression and by the time that (IV use) is presented to you as an option your ability to make “goog” choices are so far off you don’t give a F and will do what ever it takes to not feel sick. Look up what heroin withdrawal is like. Take care of someone you love trying with all they have to kick, maybe for obe second you can see why or what drive them to IV use. Or what drives them to want more, its a sickness. We are all trying to fill a void, what’s your poison? Girls? Guys? Sex? Food? Porn? Cars? Church? Clubs? Weed? Alcohol? Putting others down to feel better about yourself? Music? TV? Blah blah blah. We ALL live in glass houses, some walls are just more transparent than others

          • LexiconD1

            Sorry, but I think drug addicts are way too coddled. Way too coddled. They are the problem, much more than the dealer who sells them the drugs. My ex spent time in 14 different rehabs, one for over a year. The second he got out, he went right back. He KNEW what he was losing…me, and more importantly, his child. He choice to pick the drugs over us. I have no sympathy for him, none at all.

            I’ve seen and deal with heroin withdraw first hand, I know it’s not pretty. I don’t need your lecture.

            I’m sick and tired hearing that ‘drug addiction is a disease’, because it’s not. Come to my hospital and see true disease. Those people don’t have any choice whether they get sick, get cancer, etc.

            Drugs are a choice. You know nothing about me to judge further…

            • you.

              LexiconD1 I was not trying to lecture you by any means and I am sorry if I came across that way. We have two very different view points on this subject. My sons father has no involvement in his life since he was 1 1/2 (now he is 5) due to drug addiction as well. Its painful. I just look at it differently than you at this point.

        • LaLa84

          Thank you!!!

      • LexiconD1

        I do know someone who is a heroin addict. He is my son’s father. He got sober before he met me, and went wacky 12 years later, when I became pregnant with my son. I DON’T sympathize with anyone who becomes addicted, especially to drugs like this. You KNOW what’s going to happen, long long long before you ever take it, and where you’re going to end up…dead or jail/prisons (where my ex currently resides, after numerous rehabs).

        Being, and remaining a drug addict is a CHOICE. A bad one at that.

        • Red

          And you are right as well.

        • you.

          I get what you’re saying. But addiction is treated with such a harshness that I personally feel is unnecessary. It is a sickness and especially with heroin the chemical balance physically changes within your brain. I have lost as in death more than one best friend and have many still in recovery. It is and will be a life long battle for those to chose or are given the chance to fight for life. I find a fine balance between at some point changes between choice and their (the heroin addicts) “need to not be sick” which ironically they are very ill and dying with every injection. This subject is close to my heart. I am not trying to argue.

      • Red

        Forgot to read before writing my own comment, but yeah, this.

    • Red

      To answer your question, it usually starts with something like prescription painkillers. People with a regular script soon find themselves running out early and buy some off the street to get them by until their next refill date. Apparently those things run around $8 PER PILL(According to a sibling of mine who is a cop in an area where this is pretty common). They either don’t think they have a problem and are convinced that they need it, or know and are to embarrassed to get help. Heroin is cheaper and easier to come by in some places. It’s usually a last resort, especially when you start injecting it. Many lethal overdoses(though not all) occur when a user gets clean and relapses, using too high of a dose not knowing their tolerance has gone down dramatically(look at Cory Montieth).

      Though I’m not defending drug use by any means. I had a problem years ago(though not with heroin, or painkillers) and am the first person to tell you that it was MY choice(out of desperation or not) and I can not blame it on anything or anybody but myself. So you’re right, I can’t imagine why somebody would not get help after knowing what heroin does. Just giving you another point of view :)

  • sammy

    His parents are so ashamed of his drug use they wont let him get help for it? Sounds like a solid plan.

  • L

    That nasty famewhore called Blanda should be in jail and get deported to her country. She is a drug dealer and bad influence on young people. She is 29-30 year old, much more older than Joe Jonas.

    • Dani

      5-6 year age, not that bad of an age gap for some one in their mid 20’s.

  • Kayla

    It’s really sad that this has happened. Joe was my boy band man crush when I was younger never imagined he would be into drugs. Really hope he gets some help before he turns into the next Cory.

  • Eve

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was true. He’s been looking god-awful lately.

  • LindsayTS

    Im not really shocked one of them ended up with a drug problem Their parents seemed to push them really hard. Their all adults & the parents are still trying to control everything. The parents live in a house that the boys own & pay for. I hope he can get clean. I still think they have a good message to send to people.

  • burnin’ up for nick

    i’m gonna cry

  • husker

    All of you make really great points on here. What bothers me is that if the addiction allegations are true, why aren’t the family checking him into rehab? I understand that nobody wants to air their dirty laundry, but their son is very sick and he should be more important to them than money, fame, or image. Sometimes being able to admit to something is the first step towards beating it. Once you know what the problem is, you eliminate part of that fear it holds. I do hope Joe gets the help he needs and healing for all involved. Addictions are incredibly painful and as someone pointed out earlier, they change the brain chemistry which prohibits clear thinking. Ultimately yes a person made a decision to take the drug but there are several issues involved in making the decision. Things like Money troubles, family issues, life happening, not enough education, deep insecurities etc. are just some of the reasons why someone would turn to drugs. They see it as a quick escape but in all actuality its just a path to destruction. Not every person who experiences these things turn to drugs, alcohol, crime. There are better ways of coping with feelings and things that come up in life, but first the removal of, or reduction of the stigma that mental illness that is so prevalent in the public, needs to be looked at for what it really is: an illness but a very treatable & curable (I hope and pray) illness at that.

  • samson

    It is his girl friend’s fault….how weak is that

  • betaray100

    The Disney Machine just leaves these kids broken empty husks of themselves with no self respect and full of issues. Joe, Demi, Miley, Britney, Xtina, Lohan, Zac Efron, etc. The list is endless. Drugs, madness and more.

  • Jarvus

    Too much sympathy for those choosing to ruin not only their lives but others around them. Just look at the shaming we’ve done to cigarette smokers. They’re a pariah now because what they do affects everyone around them. No coddling, no excuses, they are scum and are treated as second class citizens. Same for drug abusers. Their addictions tear entire families apart and ruin more than their own lives. They are scum and should be treated as second class citizens.