MUG SHOT Lizard Lick Towing star Ron Shirley from 2008 arrest

Mugshot Ron Shirley Lizard Lick Towing

Our man Ron Shirley isn’t scared of doing what needs to be done when Lizard Lick Towing is out looking to repossess a car. Unfortunately for Shirley he surely stepped over the tow-line in 2008 when he was arrested doing his job perhaps a little too well.

According to a report from WRAL, Ronnie Lee Shirley Jr., was accused and arrested for encouraging one of his Lizard Lick employees of impersonating a police investigator while out reclaiming rides. No. That employee wasn’t Repo or Krazy Dave for that matter.

The dude’s name was Mark Prouse who also got arrested and faced charges in connection to the apparent unlawful Licking.

There’s always a lot of banter back and forth about whether LLT is real or not. Well the company is real and that arrest dang sure was real and that is one really awesome mug for Repo-Ronny. While the action on the show may be staged you just can’t fake a mug shot like that and you can’t fake how fun the show is either!

  • daisy

    For u people who think lizard lick towing is fake its not so get a life

    • Turn it off and shut up

    • ChrisS

      Now Daisy this is one of the funniest things I have read – you advocate this shite and tell people who are not fooled by this dross to ‘get a life’. Just so bloody funny. It’s utter dross sweetheart, totally set-up and filmed. Still laughing my back off here.

  • lionel

    good show

  • Diane

    Love watching bobby throw people around.

    • Pinky

      Yes he Is


      You are a very ignorant individual. You should try to go back and finish grade school.

      • Jeff

        Explain why Diane is a ignorant individual, Mr. Know it all. She is speaking the truth. Stop being so sensitive, pedophile.

      • bobbyluva

        What you say ignant bobby is hotter than two chickens on rotisserie

  • Denver

    the company is real, the arrest was real, WRAL made it a prominent story even before that show came out for some reason. But the action on the show is staged; I did a stage play w/ a girl who appeared on it last season. They might be able to claim dramatic reenactment though.

  • Vaugh

    its FAKE!!! some of the hillbillys they have taken cars from wouldnt think twice about filling them full of lead and cooking them on a BBQ!!!!!!

  • Repo

    looks like to me a bit of too much of the grape.

  • Blainealwaysfighting

    It’s bad assssssss lick amy”s ass

  • ChronicallyBaked

    Type into google: is lizard lick towing fake and read on. I was disapointed when I heard it was as I used to assume it was real because the channel broadcasting made it out to be reality but it was probably for ratings, but then went on to say they are not really reality, more like reality situations. Also the more I watched the more skeptical I became, after any fight the next episode they never seem to have any marks and when your watching most of the major parts of an episode they conveniently always have a crazy guy or a gang of people that conveniently always return to get their car back or cause trouble. Not only that why don’t the camera men ever get hit, no actual clean punches land at all, all you see is stage fighting by the looks of it then a bit of fake blood to give the illusion of a fight, theyre being made the heroes every time, I dont think for a minute they would just as easily repo some actual southerner living in a trailer without much hassel. If they repo’d the wrong guys home they could very well count on a little more than what they are being made to look like they go through. From the 1st series I had my doubts. The boycott confirmed it, pretty low making people believe its real when its all scripted but it was entertainment I suppose, I liked it more when the thought of it being a reality tv show was around though.